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Letters to the Editor… 1/8/2020

To the Editor:

On behalf of all the members of the Sisters Schools Foundation, I would like to extend a very sincere “Thank-You” to all of our wonderful Outlaw Country supporters!

Throughout the year and especially during our annual giving campaign, we have been gifted with your generous donations. Our Foundation supports great local programs for students, such as purchasing new musical instruments for the band, new technology for code programming in all three schools and the outdoor learning programs ECoS and IEE.

Your donations also go to grants submitted by local teachers for equipment or supplies in innovative learning projects. In addition, each spring the foundation awards financial scholarships to local graduating seniors. We would not be able to help all of our great students without this community. For more information on our programs or how you can donate please visit under the “about us” tab. Thanks again, and GO OUTLAWS!

Angela Buller

To the Editor:

Facts about the American Legion:

The American Legion was instrumental in:

Drafting the original legislation that became the GI Bill.

Creating what is today’s Department of Veterans Affairs.

Mentoring millions of young people through its many youth programs.

Its unwavering support of and promoting respect for the American flag.

Fighting for veterans’ rights on Capitol Hill and in statehouses.

Assisting countless veterans with getting their earned VA benefits.

The American Legion activities in November 2019:

Donations to the American Legion go to support our programs, statewide, locally and nationally. During the last lack of a budget that resulted in the Coast Guard not being paid, the American Legion donated over one million dollars to Coast Guard families to help them during that time.

The four pillars of the American Legion: Americanism, Children and Youth, National Defense and Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation gave:

•?$1,357,541 in financial contributions made to VA hospitals by American Legion posts in the 2018-2019 membership year, with only 69 percent reporting.

•?1,016 VA hearing presentations prepared on behalf of veterans by national American Legion benefits claims experts in November.

•?6,560 Veterans Day events coordinated by American Legion posts in 2018, with just 69 percent of posts submitting reports.

•?70,000 pints of blood donated through the American Legion’s annual holiday blood drive last year.

•?25 minor children were assisted throughout the United States in November by the American Legion’s Temporary Financial Assistance Program, which provides grants for needy military and veteran families to pay for shelter, utilities, food or clothing.

•?$26,850 in American Legion Child Welfare Foundation grants distributed in November to assist organizations and programs that help children facing difficulties beyond their control.

•?505 appeals granted for American Legion-represented veterans disputing VA benefit decisions in November.

•?$13,681 in youth scholarships awarded in November by the American Legion.

Gene Hellickson

Past State of Oregon American Legion Commander

To the Editor:

The legislature will convene on February 3 for just over a month to take care of the people’s business. But increased political partisanship has worn down our trust in each other and in state government, and the threat of another state senate walkout in 2020 casts doubt on what can be accomplished in the legislative short


We need to remember how much we rely on each other and on state government and work together. Don’t we want emergency services when wildfires and natural disasters strike? Don’t we want support for public safety? Don’t we want access to health and family services? Of course we do. We depend on having a functioning government to support these programs.

When our senators walk off the job, as they did last summer, they abandon work on basic services that we need. Our senators should serve and protect us. They should not shut down the legislature. Senators, don’t walk out on your


Stay on the job in 2020.

Mary Chaffin


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