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Scottie healing

Editor’s note: The following recounts the author’s personal experience and beliefs. It is not intended nor should it be taken as medical advice.

If you’ve read this column or my Facebook blog you know that my three rescued Scotties deal with allergy problems for which I have used every food, supplement and prescription available to no avail. Until now. I bought a book, “Mind to Matter,” by Dawson Church, and I’m learning how to heal my Scotties. Here’s a little history.

About six years ago I was diagnosed with stage-four cancer. I was stunned, and it became a life-changing moment.

After a double mastectomy I began working on rebuilding my life, which included digging deeper into my faith.

Meanwhile, my cancer returned. This meant more surgery and stress—cancer is usually more virulent when it returns. At the same time my oncologist told me I had to see a nephrologist because my kidneys were not doing well.

Cancer treatments and surgery involve the use of many synthetic chemicals which put strain on the kidneys. Six years before the cancer I’d had a ruptured appendix and nearly died on the operating table. I spent eight days in the hospital while they pumped me full of chemicals trying to stop infection and restart my intestinal function. I’ve since learned this is what started the kidney damage.

Between returning cancer and kidney disease, I began looking for uplifting reading and found wonderful books about miracles. One story spoke of a woman diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her husband was preparing to go abroad as a missionary and she felt crushed that she couldn’t travel with him.

One night they talked about faith-healing and decided to try it on her. They prayed over her for several days, and the next time she went to the doctor he was shocked to see how good she looked. After running tests the oncologist told her she was completely cancer free.

I received an email from a friend whose kidney disease was a little more progressed than mine. She had started dialysis. She told me I should do anything I could to keep off the machine.

I talked with my husband about the faith-healing story. We agreed to pray for seven days. Each day I felt better. By the end of the week the back pain — which is common with kidney disease — was gone. Two weeks later when I saw the nephrologist, he was amazed at my test numbers. He said, “Wow! They’re better than they were two years ago.”

They have steadily improved ever since.

As I’ve progressed in my healing and my faith journey I’ve searched for any solid information about self-healing. One day I read a short article by Dawson Church in which he mentioned his book and that he could teach you how to do healing meditation. I ordered the book that day.

“Mind to Matter” is much more than I expected. Dawson documents thousands of mind-induced self-healings and “energy” healings. He opened the book with a story about curing mice of cancer. Bill Bengston, Ph.D. and professor of sociology at St. Joseph’s College, ran a series of experiments demonstrating the power of healing energy fields on mice.

He had sets of mice injected with mammary cancer, or adenocarcinoma. In all recorded past studies the longest any injected mouse had ever lived was 27 days. Bill set up a control group and started his study. Because of delays in receiving the first shipment of mice, Bill had to conduct the study without student help. His test method was to hold the test group’s cage every day for an hour. He thought that if healing energy really existed, his test mice would not get sick.

Within a week two of the mice died. Disappointed, he planned to terminate the test. When a friend arrived to help with termination, he noticed that though the mice had tumors, they were acting like healthy mice. Bill agreed to continue the experiment. By the 17th day, the tumors began to heal. By day 28 the mice had broken a world record for staying alive. A week later the mice were examined by a biologist and declared cancer-free.

Bill continued mice studies, having students hold the cages. It didn’t matter whether or not the students believed in the process, all the studies were successful.

Bill’s conclusion was that energy can heal.

That’s what I needed to hear. If I could heal myself with prayer and touch, I’d heal my Scotties with it, too.

Dawson never mentions God in his book; but his work validates many things Jesus taught us in the New Testament. In my opinion, he validates God with scientific studies. It’s a wonderful, powerful book that promises to change your life.

He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.

— Mark 5:34


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