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‘Transformational coaching’ implemented

Coaches in both Sisters Middle School and Sisters High School will participate in a program designed to set a standard for the type of coaching culture desired by the community.

Athletic Director Gary Thorson told The Nugget that he settled on 3 Dimensional Coaching, a program offered through workshops and programs of 3D Institute, 3D Institute.

Through the program coaches:

•?Create strategies to combat “entitlement.”

•?Learn how to motivate athletes from within.

•?Understand how to build confidence.

•?Develop strategies to harness emotions.

•?Discover the formula for team cohesion.

•?Realize how to effectively set goals.

•?Establish a plan to cultivate character.

“I wanted to have something that was standardized, that everybody had training for,” Thorson said.

In a blog post on the site, coach, teacher and parent Mark Hull wrote:

“The two most powerful words in the English language are, ‘Coach says.’ This however comes with a warning: Great power requires great character for that to be a blessing and not a curse. Words under the control of a transformational coach will build. The careless words of a transactional coach can do deep wounding.

“Transactional coaching is focused on actions. It’s about performance. It basically says, ‘You do this for me, I’ll do that for you.’ Transformational coaching is focused on the person. It communicates, ‘I am here as a coach to help you grow not just as an athlete but as a whole person.’ We call that being a 3-Dimensional Coach.”


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