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Letters to the Editor… 02/05/2020

To the Editor:

A special thank-you goes to Ray’s for all the years of allowing Kiwanis to set up our trailer in their parking lot. This is one of our most popular fundraising events. This is a classic win-win situation – the community can buy some delicious See’s candy and Sisters youth programs will benefit from the proceeds.

ALL the proceeds, after the candy’s cost, are distributed to youth programs. All the candy must be prepaid and unsold candy cannot be returned. So, without community support, this event could end up losing money.

So once again, your support resulted in Kiwanis raising several thousand dollars to distribute to Sisters scholarships, youth clubs and other various youth events.

Doug Wills,

President, Sisters Kiwanis

To the Editor:

Charlie Kanzig made me laugh out loud. His “Running Commentary” column about dog poop bags was epic.

As a frequent user of trails, the proliferation of dog poop bags the last few years has been an interesting phenomenon. Maybe they think the trail Dog Poop Fairy is going to swoop in every evening and pick them up. There are garbage cans on either end of PRT where they can be disposed.

There is a bunch of crazy in the world, and leaving dog poop bags in the forest probably doesn’t register on the Looney Toon continuum but it sure is annoying for those of us who feel compelled to pick them up.

I guess there are dog poop bag fairies,

after all.

Lisa Clausen

To the Editor:

Imagine you went through a time as a teenager where you struggled to figure out who you are — to like and accept your body. Then slowly as you grow into an adult, the tumultuous teen years calm, and you come to accept yourself for who you are — only for you, it is too late.

To your fury and frustration, adults who should have protected you and helped you accept yourself, instead used you as an experimental guinea pig for transgender fantasies.

You will never be able to have children because your uterus was cut out or you were emasculated. Your health has been compromised because your body was chemically poisoned with cross-sex hormones. Hormones that are associated with a higher risk of heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, bone density loss, diabetes, and of course infertility and sexual dysfunction.

You were given puberty-blocking drugs, which prevented you from growing up normally, even though nobody knows, not even the FDA, what the long-term ramifications of those drugs will be. We only know that those drugs interrupt normal sexual development along with brain and bone development.

The vast majority of children and teens who question their gender eventually come to terms with their biological sex. But you, like so many teens desperate for attention, were caught up in the transgender hysteria. You realize that now, but it is too late. Your health and future have been destroyed.

Children, by definition, are growing into who they will become. While doing so they explore the world to learn how they fit. No child should be surgically or chemically altered during their questioning years.

Confused children deserve compassion, guidance, and protection—not health wrecked by adults with misguided beliefs.

We should join South Dakota and pass laws to protect our children.

Carol Lovegren Miller

To the Editor:

I write this in response to Gary Leiser’s letter in the January 29 edition of The Nugget.

He stated that it suggested a “lack of due diligence” on the part of the city council to not invite public discussion on allowing the Dollar General (not the Dollar Store!) store to open in Sisters.

I am pretty sure America didn’t become great by “concerned” citizens getting together to decide whether or not a business was appropriate for their town but by a true free market economy.

My advice, asked for or not, is that if a particular store offends you, don’t go through their doors and give them any business. I am confident this addition will not be the death knell of Sisters as we know it.

Allan Godsiff


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