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Young artist sells artwork during art walk

Keegan Williams, a talented nine-year-old artist from Bend, has taken the art scene by storm with his clever drawings, which feature witty creatures and designs that come mostly from his vivid imagination.

Williams’ dream of becoming a cartoonist has become more of a reality after art enthusiasts bought 12 prints of his drawings that were displayed on the wall at Good Day Café (adjacent to Bedouin) during the last Fourth Friday Artwalk.

Bedouin owner Harmony Thomas is a Sisters Art Association board member and donates the wall in the Good Day Café for local artists.

“The art wall in the café is a vessel for artists to show their work,” Thomas said. “It is a non-commission wall because the show is only up for a month. I love that we see a new collection of work every month.”

She noted, “Working and helping artists with exposure is something that I’m passionate about, because I see their potential and want to share it with the world.”

Thomas first spotted one of the nine-year-old artist’s drawings on the refrigerator at his home when she picked up her son Tarren, who is friends with William’s brother.

“I was immediately impressed with his detail, he then invited me to see more of his work,” said Thomas. “I asked if he would like to show his work on the art wall at Good Day Café.

“Keegan and my daughter Cora are in the same fourth-grade class at Elk Meadow Elementary in Bend. The K-5 school focuses on learning through the arts, and the curriculum is based around art,” she added.

The entire Williams family is artistic, an environment that encourages creativity.

Emily Williams spends every day of her life being creative and working with art. She poured her heart into painting murals during her college years and is now a graphic design artist, a sculptor and painter.

“My husband, Spencer, and I are both artists, so we have a lot of art supplies,” she said. “Since I work at home, the boys have had access to the supplies since they were toddlers. I remember Keegan would draw on the walls and I had a hard time erasing his art because it was really good for his age.”

Williams’ eldest son, Riley, 13 years old, expresses his creativity with photography and videography.

Keegan’s enthusiasm for drawing began when he was about three — or when he could hold a pencil and make it work.

Keegan told The Nugget, “I don’t usually plan what I am going to draw. I just start drawing and it just happens. But I do like to watch a lot of other artists; it inspires me. I also like to look at something, like my backyard, and change it up in my drawings to the way I’d like it.”

Keegan’s artwork covers a variety of styles, from pointillism to abstract with a little realism mixed in.

“I like to design cartoon-type drawings, sort of a mixed style, but more realistic,” he said.

One of his drawings is from the 1997 animated short film “The Old Lady and the Pigeons.” He drew the inventor of the electric lightbulb, Thomas Edison, in an impressionistic style.

He recently added color to some of his drawings using markers.

Keegan’s other creative interests are playing the piano, sculpting, painting and whittling wood.

His artwork is up for the entire month of February.

Thomas noted, “The wall in the Good Day Café is booked for the year, but we are always connecting and booking people.”

For more information about the art wall in Good Day Café, call Bedouin, 541-549-3079.


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