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A Valentine’s Day date night at home

Love is a positive emotion with many tangible health benefits, and you can express it in many ways — including a home-cooked meal.

Cooking is an expression of love, so plan a night in with your significant other and make your meal just as special as if you had gone out. It’s possible to keep the romance alive by staying in and cooking an elegant, affordable meal that will sweep your sweetheart off his or her feet.

Everyone can cook. Even if you’ve never cooked, this is the perfect time to try it out. It will be more romantic, more personal, and leave you extra money to spend on wine and a gift. If you’re really afraid of cooking, stick to something simple.

Dinner for your sweetie on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a big production. Choose an easy Valentine’s dinner menu.

Creating that Valentine’s dinner at home with your significant other can include a romantic Valentine’s theme with candlelight, a bottle of wine, and a delectable homemade meal.

Lighting is important when creating the perfect atmosphere. Too much light makes a room look stark, but not enough will have you fumbling for your silverware. Candles are the obvious choice to set your romantic scene, whether they are votives, tea lights, taper or pillar candles — they are all perfect.

Make Valentine’s Day feel even more special by decorating the house in festive, love-themed decor. Rose petals are the quintessential Valentine’s Day decoration. Scatter them on the dinner table, mantelpiece or pillow. If you don’t have access to fresh roses, you can make your own from colored paper

Then you could go for relaxing music that you both love such as jazz, soul or lounge music; they are sure to set the perfect mood for your romantic dinner.

The secret to a flawless romantic dinner for two is preparation. Think your menu through before you try to create anything too elaborate. All of your courses should be able to be cooked in advance, with minimum attention required until just before serving. Make a salad to go with it and simply drizzle the dressing on just before serving. If you have time the day before, why not make your own dessert, too?

You’ve set a scene for love and romance; you’ve cooked a delicious meal, now it’s time to enjoy each other’s company. Good food, good wine and good company deserve to be savored, not rushed.

What could be better than an entrée that comes with its own creamy vegetable side?

This is an easy recipe for a romantic dinner for two at home. It looks delicious and goes together in no time for a perfect supper.


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