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Last updated 2/12/2020 at Noon

•?Fords have always been known for their excellent heaters, and my old Bronco and Ranger are no exception. However, good as their heaters are, they don’t even begin to compete with my friends’ cars which all have seat-warmers. There is just nothing to compare to being warmed from the bottom up.

•?I’ve read that as one ages, it is important to engage one’s mind by doing puzzles, painting, learning new things, even learning a new language. I have chosen to teach myself how to write with my right hand. Though it is still barely legible, if nothing else, trying it makes me laugh.

•?Communities are where you find them. It feels good to know that most all of my friends are watching “Jeopardy!” with me on any given evening. Over the past few months I’ve practically stalked Alex Trebek with emailed words of encouragement, as he fights off pancreatic cancer, and the recent Tournament of Champions was the perfect Rx for what ails Jeopardy! and Company.

•?Talking Jeopardy!, the subject of the final question the other night was: Cabinet Positions. Says I, aloud, “Glasses on the right. Cups on the left.”

•?Beginning last fall, I’ve been having quite a time with badgers. ODFW suggested I put ammonia or mothballs down their holes but not at the same time. Seems the combo would cause quite an explosion.

•?Although I’m not terribly keen on being 76, I love that it allows for the freeing up of some of my stuff. I’m at a point in my life where I’d much rather see someone enjoy something of mine that they love than keeping it under my roof. It’s lots more fun for everyone.

•?The last time I stayed up all night was the night of the day I moved into my brand-new house. My dog Levi Elizabeth and I spent the whole night putting everything in place — same place everything still is — and then treated ourselves to a big breakfast at the Tom Tom Diner at 4:30 a.m.

After breakfast I spent $125 at Food-4-Less to stock our empty cupboards.

•?Driving to Winnemucca long years ago, Vernon told me about pogonips. Beware the pogonip: Native Americans coined this term to describe the freezing fog and fine ice needles sometimes created in winter. Pogonips caused much sickness and many deaths among Native Americans and most times the medicine man was held responsible.

•?It’s hard for me not to “yoo-hoo.” I’ve yoo-hooed most all of my life, having been raised in a yoo-hooing family. Often times when I walk through my own door upon returning from town, I yoo-hoo. I’m not fooling myself — it just feels welcoming.


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