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Letters to the Editor… 02/26/2020

This is a long overdue thank-you to the teachers of Sisters middle and elementary schools. Our two boys love going to school and regularly talk about their teachers and lessons with excitement. Teachers provide the foundation that makes all other careers possible, and we feel honored that they are under your guidance and care. Thank you for all that you do.

David and Suzy Hayes

Kudos to Jeff Mackey for his “Modern Fable,” (The Nugget, Letters to the Editor, February 12).

It was really clever and well-written. I sent it to many of my family and friends so they could enjoy it as much as I did. I still chuckle every time I think of it.

Linn Watson

To the Editor:

Jim Cornelius’ editorial is spot on! We have previously written a couple of letters regarding this subject, but none stated so well. Also, we were going to write an additional letter, however decided not to continue the arguments with the naysayers.

Just as McDonald’s and Dairy Queen objectors, I wonder if these people will boycott or visit such businesses; I’m sure it will be the latter.

Growth happens, just as our generations of birth and raised in Bend (oh, the days when there was one high school and junior high, two elementary schools for us, our siblings and cousins). It is not what it used to be and does get disappointing, but what can be done other than getting involved and doing the best we can, not just sitting back and complaining.

We moved closer to Sisters and enjoy the small-town atmosphere when we go into town; also support the businesses we can, and our friends and family that come to visit enjoy Sisters very much. We are fortunate to have such fun events (I wonder if these unhappy people would want the rodeo, quilt show, etc. to be banned?) at our fingertips.

Thank you, Mr. Cornelius for your knowledge, common sense, and accuracy of your “Founders of this nation and the United States of America.” Sorry for the length of this letter, but we are very compassionate, appreciative and fortunate about where we live.

We are happy to be here, and if we were not we would move (if interested we have some suggestions).

Gary and Jeri Johnson

To the Editor:

What is the Sisters Planning Commission thinking? Certainly not about the character of Sisters or the quality of life for its citizens.

A master plan for a 50-multi-family unit behind the Threewind Shopping Center is appalling (see story "New Sisters development can move forward"). Have you considered the impact of the traffic on an already congested area?

The only thing quaint about Sisters anymore are the shops on Cascade Avenue, Hood Avenue and Main Avenue. You are destroying the character of our charming city. We are going to become known as the city of multi-family complexes. Look at all the units being built in the area by the airport and the one that was built behind The Pines.

I know that growth is inevitable, but it could be done with keeping the character of Sisters intact.

You gave Bi-Mart a “slap in the face” by allowing the Dollar General store to be built next door. We know the profits will not benefit Sisters. You seem to care nothing about our loyal businesses or the people employed by them. They all have contributed to our community.

I have watched the changes in Sisters since 1972. It was a real charm then. Please don’t destroy it any more than you have already. Not all growth is good. The only thing we need is another grocery store to accommodate the exploding population.

Donna Holland

To the Editor:

The other day I was thinking about all these billionaires wanting to be president because they believe they can fix government. It can’t be fixed until we address the root cause of the problem, and that, my friends, is the government itself with Congress having the largest root. So why doesn’t Bloomberg throw that $10 billion at addressing term limits, rather than waste it on an election he can’t win?

Those funds could be utilized to form a committee/campaign that starts with a formal petition with a goal of collecting the signatures of 75 percent of the voting public. That same committee writes an amendment that mandates term limits for Congress and a working structure for that new formation. Salaries, retirement, work hours are established with the goal of minimizing the ridiculous benefits currently received by members of Congress. Let’s get rid of the walking dead, replace them with intelligent, vibrant citizens that have our best interest in mind, rather than politicians indulging in their constant effort campaigning for their next term.

I’m not smart enough to know how long the terms should be or what their benefits should include. But I am smart enough to know that enough is in fact enough. I want to puke when I think that Cortez has the possibility of serving 30 years in government then leaving with a lifetime of over-the-top benefits. When I see ads all over Facebook of McConnell, after serving 30 years already, wanting more and wanting you and me to pay for it, I get angry. The lack of term limits is the root cause of this ridiculous state of partisanship within both parties. Enough is enough; term them out.

A Republic divided by partisanship, where compromise and common sense have vanished, yields a society ruled solely by misguided opinions, none of which are yours.

Terry Coultas


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