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Letters to the Editor…3/18/2020

To the Editor:

Indivisible Sisters had our first Get to Know the Candidate meeting of 2020 at Sisters Public Library the evening of March 4. About a dozen Sisters citizens met Carina Miller, who hails from Warm Springs, graduated from the University of Oregon, and is running for Oregon’s District 30 Senate seat. That is the seat that Senator Cliff Bonham vacated to run for Representative Greg Walden’s seat in U.S. House for District 2. It is currently occupied by Lynn Findley.

Carina (or any candidate, for that matter) has courage because campaigning for a public seat in this political world is very difficult to say the least. Just ponder running for office yourself and what that would put you and your loved ones through. On the campaign trail, some people can be very uncivil; it is no longer uncommon. Yet, there she was in her first “get to know” meeting, sharing her experiences, motivations, fielding questions and building a following.

Carina is an impressive individual.

There is little room in a Letter to the Editor to share her many specific qualifications, substantial experience, or the brilliance of what she’s already accomplished. I do encourage you to take the time to read through her website,

My impression, after our two hours together, is she will work to address concerns of all Oregonians for the greater good, will hit the floor running, educate herself in any areas she does not already have knowledge or expertise, will work in a multi-partisan way, will be dedicated to her job and will NEVER walk out because things did not go her way.

Susan Cobb

To the Editor:

Democrats and their perpetual negativity toward anything Republican is totally misguided and non-productive. While utilizing hate-filled rhetoric, misinformed rumor and conjecture to make their point, they have produced the opposite reaction.

It’s kinda like Newton’s Third Law, “For every action forward there is an opposite but equal reaction backward.”

Simply put; when all you have to say is filled with hate and lies, your desired effect becomes negative movement. In their attempt to further persuade their followers and justify their latest revelation they have merely created the opposite reaction.

A perfect example to this is their continued effort to convince the public that Chick-fil-A is a homophobic conglomerate of Christian fundamentalists that are trying to fill your stomachs and your minds with poisoned chicken. Never having tried Chick-Fil-A and hearing that I should boycott them, has turned me into an avid customer. There is absolutely no way that everything that Trump says or does can be taken negatively: Boycott Hate; Eat Mo Chicken and vote Republican November 2020.

Terry Coultas

To the Editor:

If the recent words and tweets by the president regarding the Coronavirus outbreak, his actions and level of intellectual acuity do not give the American people an insight as to how to cast their ballot in November, our country is in significant jeopardy.

David Hiller


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