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Food Bank makes operational change

Sisters Kiwanis Food Bank is making an operational change starting Thursday, March 19, based on the evolving response to COVID-19.

“When our people come in tomorrow, which is our regular day to serve, we’re going to encourage them to shop for two weeks instead of one week, and then close the Food Bank every other week until we get our arms around this thing,” Hespe said. “That’s for the protection of our volunteers. It reduces their exposure by half if we close every other week.”

The Food Bank opens at 9 a.m. on Thursday.

Hespe noted that the Sisters food bank is exceptional in that it allows multiple visits in a month. He said that the organizers believe moving to an every-other-week schedule is an appropriate means of reducing volunteer exposure while maintaining the mission and service.

“This is sort of a moving target. We have to make decisions based on facts and what’s going on,” Hespe said.


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