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Time to get into other people’s business

Who knew we would get to the point that it’s a good thing to be the irritating person who gets in other people’s business?

Well, we’re there. Even though you may have been a private, mind-your-own-business kind of person for your entire life, it’s time to change.

Let’s start with sons and daughters getting in their parents’ business. You probably hated when your parents stuck their noses in your life and business when you knew you were grown and had a brain. You wanted them to stay out of things that you felt didn’t concern them. You also tended to stay out of their business because you knew how irritating it was on your side.

You were probably right. Most of the time. But today, in this time of crisis, you’re wrong. You need to at least text or call your parents daily. A text takes the least time and effort, but it will be worth a lot to your parents. It’s very lonely and quiet when older people can’t go about their usual routine, do the volunteering they used to do and go to the grocery store or library and browse for a while.

Older people think about “suppose I get this virus and can’t call anyone and no one checks on me and I’m in my house sick for two days before anyone even knows?” That makes older people even more depressed than they already are at being cooped up.

Be the son or daughter that does the right thing and check with your parents every day. Do the same for aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, etc. Make a daily list and send a text each morning — you can copy and paste the text to save some time. Everyone on your list will know someone cares.

OK. Now to the older people out there. Don’t be that person who just sits around and watches the news all day. First off, watching the news all day can make you crazier that you already feel. Especially if you only watch one station all day. Try different channels to get a different perspective.

But, the best idea is to not watch the news all day. Check in maybe at lunch and dinner, but during the rest of the day watch a “how-to” show, watch a few “Too Cute” episodes on the Animal Planet, watch the replays of good baseball, football and basketball games. Nat Geo Wild is great. Forensic Files is very interesting, but don’t watch too much or you’ll get really paranoid. Read a book. Work a crossword or sudoku puzzle from The Nugget.

Put the television on mute and turn on some music — radio, CDs, Alexa, whatever you have. Play the music that makes you want to get up and dance. Then get up and dance. If you can’t get up and dance due to physical problems, turn the music on anyway and tap your finger or bob your head and sing along. It’s all good and will make you feel a lot better.

Lastly, don’t think just because you’re the older person, you don’t need to check on people. Make a list to text or call each day, just like I described earlier for the younger generation. People need to know that others are thinking about them.

You don’t want to be that neighbor or friend or relative who thinks your feelings are all that matter. When you put yourself in other people’s shoes and try to lighten their load, you’ll also lighten your own load. Love, hugs and positive thoughts to everyone out there.


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