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Letters to the Editor 4/15/20

To the Editor:

My dad once told me, “You can’t wring your hands and roll up your sleeves at the same time.”

If the stress of these times has you on edge, helping others is good for everyone.

Here’s a thought:

In the near future, stimulus checks should be finding their way to you. What I propose is this… If it is at all possible in your budget, use a part of your stimulus check to purchase a gift card from one of our fine Sisters merchants.

Even if a business isn’t currently open, the majority of them are checking phones, email, etc., and gift cards are almost always available.

The Nugget puts out 7,700 copies. If 5,000 recipients of this paper purchase a $50 gift card from a local merchant, that’s $250,000 pumped into our small businesses who so desperately need it!

Whether it’s a restaurant, art gallery, feed store, sporting goods, grocery, boutique, hardware, bookstore, etc. I’m certain you will agree that our small businesses are in large part what make our town so special. We’re all facing hardship at this time, but if at all possible, please consider joining me in supporting our hardworking small businesses in this way!

Jennifer McCrystal


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