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Local company fills need for immune support

While much of Sisters has shut down to slow the spread of the coronavirus, Personalized Nutrients ramped up its operations in its manufacturing facility on North Pine Street.

While customer service and sales staff are working from home, the manufacturing plant is humming — producing custom formulations of high-quality nutriceuticals.

Zoe Noe, the company’s operations manager, told The Nugget, “We’ve added staff, we’ve hired temps, we had mandatory overtime for two weeks just to keep up.”

Personalized Nutrients produces customized formulas for supplements that doctors provide to their patients or offer in their clinics. The formulas are research-based and of tested quality. Demand has been high for formulas that support the immune system.

“We certainly have seen an uptick in immune supplements during this time,” Noe said.

She noted that many doctors have pivoted to telemedicine during the COVID-19 shutdown, and the company’s model for ordering, producing and delivering its products is well-suited to that model.

By creating customized formulas with Personalized Nutrients, doctors are able to tailor supplement support specifically to each patients needs and profile. It’s a very different proposition to simply buying a jar of vitamins off the shelf at the store.

In addition to creating patient-specific formulas, Personalized Nutrients is able to offer an assurance of quality.

“This is completely made-to-order supplements, and all of our components have to pass our rigorous quality standards,” Noe said. “We have a really, really strong quality system.”

The company’s website notes that, “The highest level of quality and efficacy is our core competency as evidenced by our GMP compliant manufacturing facility and our willingness to be completely transparent about the raw materials you can choose from.”

The company has proved a beacon of good news for people who have lost jobs due to the shutdown. Noe has referred some of their temps to neighboring Laird Superfoods, where they have been able to land jobs.

She noted one couple that had both been laid off and ended up a month later with jobs in Sisters.

Personalized Nutrients has also made a point of supporting local restaurants during the shutdown. They ordered dinners for their crew during the mandatory overtime period, and have continued to bring in lunches and coffee and snacks.

Noe said that everyone at the company is glad to have work during a growing economic crisis — and to have the opportunity to help the community and customers who seek to boost and protect their health in the face of a serious threat.

“We’re extremely grateful,” Noe said. “Nobody is taking anything for granted right now.”

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