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New General Store open for business at BBR

Happy childhood memories at Black Butte Ranch (BBR) often include youngsters riding their bikes to the BBR store for an ice cream cone, tasty snack, or a refreshing drink. Pedaling with friends along meandering bike trails with curious grass-munching horses and cattle watching them pass, made the adventure even more exciting.

But the general store was showing its age, with 50 years of being loved and visited taking its toll. Plans to reconfigure the building and location have been in the works for years as staff and homeowners took into consideration the needs and wants of everyone who enjoys visiting the store.

General Manager Jay Head couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. The new store is part of a bigger plan to offer a Ranch experience with modern amenities in an unmatched, rural setting.

“We are thrilled to complete another renovation to the many different facilities that we have on the Ranch over the last 10 years,” said Head.

The General Store is one of at least seven BBR facilities that have been finished, rebuilt, or renovated.

“We had a focus with this one to retain the traditional services offered by the original store,” said Head. “It’s an important first impression when you come on the Ranch. Customers appreciate the convenience along with our retooling of additional services. We are expanding on the product and service offerings to our homeowners and guests for the next 50 years.”

The store now offers more convenience items like grab-and-go meals, fresh deli-style menu selections and expanded beer and wine selections. Additionally, there’s some charming BBR memorabilia for guests on the Ranch. The small selection of retail items may be new, but planners were sure to continue offering the ever-popular ice cream.

“It’s halfway around the trails,” said Head. “It’s a perfect stop for a soda or an ice cream break. We can also fill growlers with great microbrews.”

Brew options will change regularly with three beers available to customers.

Part of the rebuild included moving the site of the store about 120 feet west from its old location. The new site brings more visibility to the BBR stables and ties the two services more together. The new store was relocated so when guests are in the store eating, or shopping they have a great view of the stables, which is an iconic institution on the Ranch. There are lunch options for trail rides, akin to little brown bag lunches for riders.

The attendance at the grand opening on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend was a nice surprise for Head.

“It was a successful grand opening weekend. The homeowners’ reaction to the new facility has been positive,” he said. “The new store, and its location featuring the stables, ties in well with another project to beautify and maintain a ranch feel. Over the last two years, we’ve installed all new fencing around the entire front of the Ranch including the meadows, arena and corrals. It’s all been done to better serve the Ranch and make it top quality when people drive in.”


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