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School staff cheers senior class

In an outpouring of support for the class of 2020, staff members from all three Sisters schools lined the roadway and bus turnaround at Sisters High School cheering, ringing bells and waving signs as the seniors drove through to pick up graduation gowns and other materials on Friday, May 29.

“It was one small way we could show our love for the seniors,” said SHS Principal Joe Hosang.

High school teachers and support staff handed out packets that included graduation caps and gowns, scholarship notifications, and other materials amid smiles and a few tears.

Lynne Fendall, high school registrar and mother of senior Taylor Fendall, said her son had expressed disappointment in not being able to say goodbye with the sudden shutdown in March. “As a staff we pictured this day as being a day that they could at least drive through, see people and wave and say goodbye in some fashion,” she said. “As a parent I am really glad they got this opportunity along with the upcoming graduation ceremony at the rodeo grounds.”

High school teacher Kristy Rawls said, “Once again it’s the amazing contact and relationships that we have with our students that are so important,” she said. “I think the seniors appreciated it and it made me equally happy.”

Senior Addiegrace Schutte said, “It was cool to see everyone and made me realize how much we actually missed school.”

Science teacher Rima Givot is mother to graduating senior George Chladek.

She said, “I think this was an opportunity to make a celebration out of getting the kids their certificates and collecting their items in a fun, informal way. Just watching their faces it looked like the kids were really happy and excited to see people and they seemed pleasantly surprised. It was so cool that the elementary and middle school staff joined in as well.”

Due to Covid-19 restrictions the class of 2020 will have a unique commencement ceremony Friday, June 12 at the Sisters Rodeo grounds. The one-of-a-kind ceremony will take place at the Sisters Rodeo grounds at 7 p.m.

The plans for the drive-in ceremony, in which graduates and their guests will remain in their cars, are being finalized, according to Hosang. Unlike normal years, the live event will be limited to seniors and their guests—just two cars per graduate, but audio will be broadcast on FM radio 104.9 and the event will be posted online following the ceremony.

“We continue to do what we can to honor the class of 2020,” Hosang said.


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