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Animal abuse is a crime

A Sisters woman posted on Facebook last week that she had witnessed young children beating and killing animals — mostly chipmunks — at Scout Lake. The woman said that the mothers of the children were aware of and encouraged the behavior.

The Nugget attempted to directly contact the woman who reported the incident without success.

It is worth noting that such behavior falls under the legal category of animal abuse and it is a criminal act. ORS 167.320 states that “A person commits the crime of animal abuse in the first degree if, except as otherwise authorized by law, the person intentionally, knowingly or recklessly:

(a) Causes serious physical injury to an animal; or

(b) Cruelly causes the death of an animal…

Animal abuse in the first degree is a Class A misdemeanor and can be a Class C felony if committed in the in immediate presence of a minor child.

If you witness suspected animal abuse in Deschutes County, call the non-emergency dispatch number, 541-693-6911, to report it.


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