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Letters to the Editor - 8/26/2020

Editor’s note:

We are entering the cauldron of an election cycle that may be as heated as any in American history. The Nugget welcomes opinion from across the political spectrum, and we expect those opinions to be vigorously expressed. Argue for persuasion, not for provocation; refrain from name-calling or personal attacks on other letter-writers.

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Jim Cornelius

Editor in Chief

To the Editor:

NO on Bonham.

By now, we’re all probably less than enthusiastic about another Zoom meeting. We miss our friends and family and colleagues. Seeing them on a screen just isn’t the same as being with them in person. But the reality is, videoconferencing or virtual meetings are drastically reducing the spread of COVID-19 and saving lives.

This is why I’m really disappointed in Representative Daniel Bonham (HD 59), for voting NO on HB 4212, which authorizes public governing bodies to conduct all public meetings by phone or videoconference. Fortunately it passed without his vote, as all Democrats and a majority of Republicans voted for it.

Does Mr. Bonham not recognize that we have a serious crisis and we need to act accordingly? Meeting remotely will slow the spread of a COVID-19, which has already killed more than 150,000 Americans. There is no logical reason to vote against such a bill during a worldwide pandemic, while case numbers are still increasing here in Oregon, unless he is ignoring medical science. Perhaps Mr. Bonham believes the president when he says that the virus will just “magically disappear” without us having to make any sacrifices.

We can do better than Bonham. This November, we can give him a NO vote, too.

I’ll be voting for Arlene Burns for Oregon’s 59th House District. She has demonstrated her leadership and ability to make wise decisions for the good of her community as Mosier’s mayor. I had the opportunity to meet Arlene during her recent visit to Sisters. I found her to be conscientious, caring, and a great listener. She’ll be joining Indivisible Sisters for a meet-the-candidate event, via Zoom of course, August 27 at 2:30 p.m. You can email [email protected] for login details.

Josh Berger

To the Editor:

I have lived in Oregon my entire life. Been politically involved, have supported children’s causes and have always tried to help the underdog. I also believe in the Constitutional amendments we all enjoy — especially the first and second amendment. I watch with curiosity as demonstrators constantly meet on Cascade Avenue to wave their BLM signs. I also appreciate that they are peaceful, unlike the thugs in Portland.

My question for these demonstrators is whether they have researched the true mission statement and intent of the BLM movement. Do they know the main leaders are intent on furthering a Marxist agenda? Do they know two of the leaders have criminal records? Do they know the intent of the movement is to disrupt communities, families and social norms in order to advance the theory of secondary family affiliation within the group in order to dissociate people from their real families?

Do they realize the BLM movement is showing the face of brotherhood and support all the while hiding behind that facade the real intent of anarchy? Not so you say, can’t be true you say, just a right wing conspiracy you say. Well, don’t take my word for it. Do you own research. But do the full research, not just what they say on paper but go behind the scenes and look at what is really happening.

You demonstrators are being led down the wrong path. And even if you want to deny the truth, maybe you can tell me just how long we need to hear the same rhetoric.

Owen Herzberg

To the Editor:

Here’s the problem with Postmaster General Dejoy’s statement that taking 575 sorters out of commission (95 percent of all the sorters USPS has) is not an impact to speed of mail delivery.

1. When they were dismantled and removed, many were placed outside of a post office exposed to the elements; extreme heat and rain. That means, reassembling some may not be possible and also means, USPS property was destroyed. That is a Federal offense.

2. Each sorter processes about 35,000 pieces of mail per hour. That speed of processing is critical to citizens getting their unemployment or Social Security checks on time. It also assures ballots move swiftly out to voters and to county clerk offices on time when mailed by voters.

3. PMG Dejoy said he removed the sorters to save revenues and that they caused no delays. That is quite impossible on both counts. It would take 30 full-time employees in each PO, that no longer has a sorter, to do the work of the missing sorter. To achieve the sorting speed of each sorter, he would need to hire thousands (575 X 30 = 17,250) of new employees to sort mail. That’s a lot of added costs.

We the public need to demand the sorters be reassembled, reinstalled and assured they are functional, ASAP. If damaged, Dejoy and the USPS Board of Governors, need to be held personally accountable to cover the costs of new equipment, immediately. They could be purchased, or on loan, from other countries, until new ones are made here and/or until we get through the election.

Email the USPS Board of Governors today:

Robert M. Duncan, Chairman, [email protected]; John M. Barger, Member, [email protected]; Ron A. Bloom, Member, [email protected]; Roman Martinez IV, Member, [email protected]; Donald L. Moak, Member, [email protected]; and William D. Zollars, Member, [email protected]

Susan G. Cobb

To the Editor:

I really had no interest in the DNC convention; but after hearing the amazing ratings of the first night I couldn’t resist. After watching for a short time the weirdest vision came to my mind: the 1956 movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

I thought, “Where did these Dems in power come from?” and “what have they done with the real Joe Biden?” Based on the movie I imagined mastermind George Soros at the wheel of a delivery truck armed with a list of key Democrats delivering ‘rebirth pods’ in the dark of night.

In the back were already-reborn workers Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, and members from the Squad. Maybe that’s how the party of JFK mysteriously disappeared; it really is scary!

Obama/Biden’s eight years in power was an abject failure by all measures and now they want us to vote for completing the destruction of America with their socialist/Marxist agenda. Meanwhile cities they control are being burned, looters rampaging, and innocent people dying. Convention silence! Democrats lost four years of opportunity to contribute to Making America Great but chose to partner with mainstream press to spew hate 24/7 in an effort overturn the election. Joe and Nancy pledged to “restore the soul” of America by actions that included blackmail of aid for COVID-19 victims to secure millions more for abortion. And they have the nerve to call Trump “Hitler.”

During her one-minute speech Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, in my opinion, offered her plan to destroy America outdoing both China and Russia’s best-laid efforts. If you listened closely she referred to “all people in the United States,” not just citizens, getting free ‘bankrupt America’ benefits.

During Biden’s final speech I and probably millions across America were holding their breath waiting ... waiting ... it’s coming, whew! Squeaked by; a definite sign of leadership needed for the demanding and complex job as president?

Kamala Harris who was completely rejected in the presidential primary by Democrat voters became the VP pick based on Biden’s declaration his pick being African-American descent and a female. No racist agenda or misogyny there of course; unless you were a Republican. Kamala has a reputation of getting what she is after. Watch your back, Joe.

Jeff Mackey


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