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Letters to the Editor - 9/9/2020

To the Editor:

Over the last 3-1/2 tumultuous years I have asked many of my friends who happen to support Trump, “What would it take for them to abandon their support of him?”

Would it be his confrontational approach with China, N. Korea and other countries which demonstrate a very real threat to our democracy? His seeming support of Russia and President Putin? The weakening of our relations with NATO countries? His disconnect in acknowledging the stark differences between the protests related to the Black Lives Matter movement and the far-right nationalist movement? His degradation of women and persons of color?

His use of presidential authority and government institutions as a backdrop to his political grandstanding? His inability to appoint and retain top-level leadership in the White House such that key positions are left unstaffed?

Never mind the moral turpitude that seems to run throughout his administration. (I recall the outcry during the Clinton administration that “character counts.” How is this outcry not relevant today when there are so many examples surrounding this president’s character?)

The repeated and proven examples of his outright lies and misrepresentations to the American Public for his own political and personal gain?

The basic question, despite these considerations, is simply, “What would it take for you to abandon your support of Donald Trump?”

In the past week it was reported that Trump referred to deceased military personnel as “losers and suckers” and has encouraged voter fraud by urging North Carolina voters to vote twice. In my mind, for the Commander-in-Chief to disparage those who have given so much to our country and to blatantly undermine our system of democracy is tantamount to treason.

Bill Kemp

To the Editor:

Thank you to The Nugget for providing updates on your website regarding the Green Ridge Fire. It is so comforting to not have to wait for the TV broadcasts.

Good job, as always, when disaster strikes Sisters Country.

Pat Riddle

To the Editor:

Recently, many people have been protesting and rioting over videos of Black folks killed by the police. We’ve seen the corner of our town littered with hypocrites claiming BLM, rather than All Lives Matter. Where was the outrage and protest over Mr. Mays death? (Editor’s note: Edwin Mays died of an apparent methamphetamine overdose in custody in December 2014. Video showed deputies appearing to mock Mays’ behavior. The sheriff’s office paid $1.025 million in a settlement with Mays’ family and instituted changes to jail procedures).

No Deschutes County deputy was fired over this incident and the most severe discipline imposed by Sheriff Nelson was a demotion. Absolutely disgusting those deputies were not terminated or charged.

The Washington Post death-by-cop database asserts that in the five-year period between 2015 and 2019 more white people died by police action than all brown and Black folks combined. Where was the outrage and protest of all those deaths?

While I believe the current outrage is justified; it’s misplaced. The outrage needs to be directed at the lack of transparency and accountability of the police, because All Lives Matter.

Any complaint filed against a judge or district attorney is a matter of public record and the adjudication of that complaint is a matter of public record; as it should be. Until the police are held to the same standard, their excessive force and acts of brutality will continue. Does the public realize when a complaint is filed against a cop the adjudication of that complaint is regularly withheld from the public and the citizen filing the complaint? No wonder the cops feel empowered to assault or kill the citizens.

We must demand the same transparency for the police that is already in place for the rest of the law enforcement community. Otherwise, our streets will and should stay ablaze.

Tyson Sakagawa

To the Editor:

Amidst the deluge of recent events, I seek to find what it is that Trump is trying to distract us away from this time.

Here’s one: Trump is again trying to fool us by bankrupting the sacred obligations of Social Security and Medicare — programs that keep our country civilized instead of Third World. He has tried and failed twice before to eliminate payroll taxes, while saying “I won’t cut Social Security and Medicare programs.”

Sneaky. It is the payroll tax that funds Social Security and Medicare! He’ll just starve the programs. It is this payroll tax that the corporate CEOs, who funded his campaign, want cut! It was noteworthy to me that this was the only policy he touted at his convention last week. It should be noteworthy to you that the personal impacts would be felt by us and our communities by this time next year.

Here’s another. He reiterates his vow to protect those with preexisting conditions while at the same time his administration fights in court to eliminate Obamacare, which would leave everyone just hanging without a replacement plan, and without coverage for preexisting conditions!

This is called “bait and switch” to achieve “quid pro quo.” This is reality: if we don’t end this administration and flip the Senate, then you or people you care about will be in desperate financial and medical trouble, and we will see a serious deterioration of communities, other than those elite one percenters who funded Trump’s campaign.

He is a master at getting people to vote against their self-interests. But now we know, and friends don’t let friends be fooled. Please tell your friends nationwide to vote on paper, not electronically; vote as soon as possible, versus on November 3; and if possible, take their ballots to the election offices rather than mailing them, because the stakes are too high.

Monica Tomosy

To the Editor:

In response to your column “Why is preschool so important?” in your August 26 paper.

You said research shows that children started in preschool “pursued higher education, and earned high salaries.” I don’t believe it’s necessary to send them off to preschool to achieve this. (Not that this is the ultimate goal for our children’s lives)

This debatable research puts a societal pressure on families to send their children off to school perhaps all too soon.

I’d like to know what kind of research could be provided of children educated from home.

I don’t say these things against the loving educators in the preschools. Nor do I shame the families that are in a situation where they need the extra help of the preschool.

This is for the parents who question. The parents whose hearts ache as they drop their children off at preschool because society tells them they know what is best for their littles. This is for the parents who might need an encouragement that they CAN educate their children! They know and love their child more than any teacher could.

Slow down! Enjoy their childlike ways. Let them wonder at the world. Take them onto your lap, cuddle and read. Focus on your needs as a family. Build a connection of love and compassion with your child — it will be a foundation as the years go on. Do what you feel is best for your family, and do it with confidence that you have what it takes!

Holly Richardson

Homeschooling Mom of four young children

To the Editor:

I do appreciate Veterans Park. The park is rather small and the park could be bigger when people realize that veterans need recognition. There is a large lot that could be included without expanding the city boundary.

Veterans are important in the community. There are many veterans that work in wildland and other work. Veterans aren’t a pageant. Veterans are honorable. It would be respectful to have more trees. The plants that used to be in this area would require less work to have long term.

Michelle Ruebush


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