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Letters to the Editor - 10/28/20

To the Editor:

If you haven’t yet voted, I am writing to encourage you to consider Elizabeth Fisher for one of the open seats on the Sisters City Council. I first met Elizabeth when she was a student in a chemistry class I taught at Sisters High School. Though that was a number of years ago, several of the personal characteristics which Elizabeth demonstrated even then qualify her as an excellent Councilor.

Elizabeth never came to class unprepared. She had always completed her homework conscientiously and thoughtfully. Though she was sometimes quiet in class, Elizabeth was intensely attentive and an astute and engaged listener. When she did volunteer a thought, Elizabeth’s words carried the gravitas of careful consideration of multiple angles. I know that Elizabeth will put in the time outside of meetings to prepare herself for policy discussions and will bring to Council a reasoned perspective informed by the experiences and opinions of many community members.

It has been an inspiration to see how Elizabeth has matured in the years since high school. Given her high standards, work ethic, and agile mind, it comes as no surprise to me that she earned an honors degree from OSU in chemical engineering. Even more impressive is the strength Elizabeth has found as a community leader here in Sisters, taking an active role organizing events, networking with regional organizations, and advocating for those who live here whose voices are least heard.

I am inspired by the engagement of younger people who see a role for themselves in improving our community and am thrilled by the opportunity to vote for a such a capable and conscientious Sisters Outlaw. I hope that you will be too.

Rob Corrigan

To the Editor:

If you haven’t voted yet, or are planning on voting more than once, please consider voting YES on Local Measure 9-139. Our public libraries are a mecca for information, thought provocation and entertainment, and are still one of the best bangs for your taxpayer buck.

Greg Werts

To the Editor:

Many thanks to the young lady and young gentleman who recognized that I could not cross the patio at The Open Door on Thursday afternoon, October 22. I was in severe distress and my companion was unable to help me move.

The two of you lifted me up and transported me to my car. Thank you! Thank you!

P.S.: Problem was identified and treated.

Betsy Beaver

To the Editor:

Given the horrible destruction, including the decimation of existing communities, caused by the 2020 wildfires, I suggest that the Sisters City Council, in conjunction with the Forest Service and other adjacent land owners, should consider implementing a comprehensive evaluation around the City limits to identify where thinning, clearing, or other fire prevention activities are needed, i.e., creating a defensible perimeter.

If such a process is begun now, Sisters has time to become better prepared before next summer’s fire season.

Second, installing more signs along the various roads and highways warning of fire danger could be beneficial. For example, the only sign on Elm Street/Three Creek Lake Road is located beyond (south of) the new Peterson Ridge trail parking area; thus, bikers and hikers do not see the sign and are not made aware of current fire danger, the rules re: camp fires, etc.

Lighted signs erected during the peak fire season could also be considered.

Bottom line, increasing the public’s awareness of fire danger in our forests is vital. Likely this is the Forest Service or ODOT’s responsibility rather than the City’s.

While these suggestions will require extra expense, the cost is small compared to the aftermath of a fire.

C. Kearney

To the Editor:

Sisters should do well in re-electing Sheriff Shane Nelson. He has worked with our City to bring in a dedicated policing presence here, led by Lt. Chad Davis, and has afforded Sisters the law enforcement we have asked for.

Law enforcement has met serious scrutiny across the nation. We need Sheriff Nelson’s continued professional discipline which includes support for persons challenged with mental health issues. Mental health persons are on his staff.

Sheriff Nelson has always supported productive discourse with our community.

Jack Addison


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