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Outlaws run locally in relay meet

The Sisters Outlaws took part in a Halloween-themed relay meet Friday, October 30, on a private property near Sisters. The informal event provided the team with a chance to test their racing condition along with other high school runners, competing unattached, from Philomath, Klamath Union, Ridgeview and Crescent Valley.

The relay consisted of one 3.1 mile leg, a pair of two-mile legs and .8-mile leg split between either three or four runners. Some runners ran more than one leg for their team.

In the spirit of Halloween, some of the runners dressed up in costumes for the occasion.

Coaches Josh Nordell and Sarah Thorsett organized the Outlaws teams in order for the strongest runners to run the longer distances while allowing other members of the team to race a distance matching their training and experience.

“With no real outlets for most of our kids to run races we thought this would allow all of the athletes involved to have a little fun and test their fitness,” said Nordell. “Splitting the races up in relay fashion helped to spread the runners out more than if every one started at the same time, which helped with safety.”

Some Outlaws are planning a return trip to Tillamook’s Hydrangea Ranch for another race in the week ahead. The official fall sport OSAA season doesn’t begin until February, provided that COVID-19 conditions allow for athletic competitions to take place.


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