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Letters to the Editor - 12/2/2020

To the Editor:

Please let me tell you about a true friend.

To those who knew him we all called him “Pops.” Jeff May was a public servant of immense proportions and his life showed the dedication to that cause. From a full career in law enforcement, followed by many, many years of service to the Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District, as well as countless years teaching emergency medicine at COCC, Pops embodied the true persona of the humble servant.

His volunteer exploits were diligent and admirable to the tune of countless days and even weeks preparing for parades, cooking meals during the holidays and setting up functions. He was always at every event and was always the first to arrive and last to leave. His laughter and sense of humor was avoidably contagious and his love for the outdoors was admirable. He was always up for a random adventure whether it be in a boat or motorcycle and his love for the fire service and this community was impeccable.

His door was open to anyone day or night and his practical jokes and antics were enough to bring any person out of a funk. This community truly lost a humble professional that was a pillar to community service and sacrifice.

Rest easy Pops — we can cover the shift from here.

Brett Miller

To the Editor:

I’ve noticed many “love” signs in front of houses as I walk my dogs around Sisters. I often think, “This is a good start,” as I wonder how deeply these individuals have explored the amazing concept and power of LOVE. The tone of some of the signs feels political, which is really the antithesis of love. Do they love their neighbors as they love themselves? I hope so. The world will be a better place as we set aside politics and simply love and accept each other without prejudice.

I’m also wondering how many of the 10,000-plus people who live in Sisters Country have read or are reading the encyclopedia of love, the book “A Course in Miracles.” I’ve read it, including the teacher’s manual and would enjoy meeting a few people who are reading it or have read it, who would appreciate discussing how to continue growing in this exploration of love. If you have interest in meeting, not just posting on the Internet, please email me at [email protected]

Maybe we can help make Sisters Country a truly loving and non-judgmental community.

Jean Nave

To the Editor:

Milton McClaskey’s mandolin, a raffle item in this week’s Sisters Folk Festival fundraiser, is a very high-quality instrument. As an amateur mandolinist the past 40 years I had the opportunity to play this instrument before Milton donated it to SFF. The neck setup makes it easy to play and the intonation is perfect. The tone is as full and and sweet as any mandolin I’ve played.

The new owner will have the opportunity to make this high quality instrument SING for many years to come. Musical instruments like this one become a family heirloom as years pass and will be enjoyed by all. A truly wonderful gift by Milton to this community, I hope to see and play the instrument again some day.

Tracy McMahan


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