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Newcomer made contributions to site

Wrenna Rose is creative by trade and by passion. She was an instrumental contributor to the new community website, Sisters Country Community Connects, as a project coordinator and designer of the logo and brand of the site (see related story).

She currently works as a writer and an artist. She and her husband moved to Sisters from Salt Lake City, Utah, in February 2020. They moved here to “simplify and we were wanting something smaller,” she said. They traveled to various towns across the Pacific Northwest, particularly Oregon, and landed on Sisters.

“We wanted to live somewhere where we could tap into the community and connect,” she said.

Wrenna Rose is a former teacher and retired in order to pursue more of her own art and writing.

“I wanted to focus my energy on own creative projects,” she said.

Wrenna Rose used her own creative skills and applied them to the work she did on the community website designing the logo and other aspects of the site. She also assisted with some of the written aspects — editing content and choosing photos and colors.

“It was interesting being a newcomer and making creative decisions about something in a place I am new to,” she said.

Wrenna Rose was walking through Oliver Lemon’s store and saw the Citizens4Community “civility” card and reached out to Robyn Holdman about volunteering and getting involved in the community.

“Robyn reached out when the website project was in play and it was sort of a leap of faith to reach out and it is the gift that keeps on giving,” said Wrenna Rose.

Wrenna Rose moved to Sisters right before the pandemic hit in full force, bringing a halt to some community-building projects and involvement opportunities — but the website project was something that could still be done, while everything went online and virtual.

“This has felt like a lifeline this year and being able to merge creative work and get involved in the community. I’ve met people through it and am learning about my new home,” she said.

Wrenna Rose started out as a volunteer for the project and is now one of the project coordinators organizing the volunteer team and keeping everything organized to promote functionality of the website now and in the future.

“I think the website will be a tool to those who live here as well as to newcomers to have info on a place in one spot to reference,” she said. She looks forward to life opening back up and being able to meet the people she’s worked with on the project in person and stay involved.

“I am looking forward to seeing how the website lands in the community,” she said.

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