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Letters to the Editor - 12/9/2020

To the Editor:

I am the chairman of the Kiwanis Food Share to provide the certificates for a Christmas dinner. We have worked together with the Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire Department for many years. This year, due to COVID-19, things are a little different. The Fire Department is not accepting applications after December 11, so that they will have time to get the gifts for children done in time for their distribution.

The Kiwanis has in the past accepted applications up to and including the day we gave them away at the fire hall. We all know this is not a normal year and the certificates will be mailed. So, this year the Kiwanis will accept applications until December 22. It will be for the certificates to buy a Christmas dinner only.

If there are families with children, the applications definitely have to be turned in by Friday, December 11, to receive presents for children. Applications for dinner certificates will still be available at the Food Bank December 10 and December 17. After that, I can be called at 541-977-6643 to make arrangements for certificates.

Because of the pandemic, we would like to make sure that no one goes hungry on Christmas.

Merry Christmas from the Sisters Kiwanis and the Sisters community, whose donations make this possible.

Shirley Miller

Sisters Kiwanis

To the Editor:

The “Merriam-Webster Dictionary” defines ‘fraud’ as deceit, trickery; specifically: intentional perversion of truth to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right or an act of deceiving or misrepresenting.

If we all take an objective and common-sense review of the last four years; that describes precisely what the Democrats in power, fake news, Obama swamp holdovers, and certain tech companies have perpetrated on President Trump and our nation. Even before election night 2016 they concocted the biggest failed hoax in history with a Russian connection that in fact was based on a fake dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

Then came the drummed-up impeachment initiated behind closed doors that again dragged our nation thru months of invented testimony with not one witness claiming to have actual evidence of laws broken or specific violations of the Constitution.

All through those years the Democrats were wasting our time they contributed nothing to the average American worker as the Trump administration gave us win after win.

When the virus hit and Trump closed flights from China Dems continued their fake impeachment and called his actions “racist.” Strange how Dems having caused the Civil War to preserve slavery, gave birth to KKK, lynching and school segregation keep accusing others of being racist.

They have zero credibility.

Does there exist the possibility that Dems might commit fraud to win an election? Didn’t they say nothing’s off the table? Didn’t they say they’d pack the court and end the Electoral College to gain absolute power? Think China or Iran might want to help defeat Trump?

While the fakes continues to ignore actual news and avoid any journalistic investigation, sworn testimonies and visual evidence is mounting daily that fraud and cheating is/was occurring. Its time truth seekers check out FOX News or The Epoch Times Newspaper to see actual claims that enable an objective and common-sense conclusion void of emotion.

Jeff Mackey


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