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Sisters will grow through 2021

Growth in Sisters is keeping up a steady pace in early 2021. Numerous commercial and residential projects are in various stages of approval and implementation.

• Approved: Three Winds Apartments (West Hood Avenue behind Bi-Mart). Partition to divide the property into three parcels. Site Plan Review to allow for three, 10-unit multi-family residential buildings on new Parcel 2 and two 10-unit multi-family residential buildings on new Parcel 1, for a total of 50 units.

• Approved: 201 E. Sun Ranch Dr., map and tax lot 151004CA01900. Request: The applicant requests Site Plan (Type II) approval for a 6,912 sq. ft. warehouse building including storage and a 960 sq. ft. office space on the second floor.

• Approved, but construction not yet started: 141, 151, and 171 E. Main Ave.(behind Sisters Saloon and Ranch Grill and Rancho Viejo). Site Plan Review of an eating/drinking establishment including development of a new 1,760 sq. ft. structure on tax lot 4600. The structure includes a bar with 880 sq. ft. of covered seating area, commissary kitchen, and baking facility. Uncovered seating, a firepit, stage, and four mobile food units are proposed to be located on tax lots 4700 and 4800.

• Subdivision Application: Jeriko Development Inc., north of Barclay (former Forest Service-owned property), 15.59 acres (assigned map/tax lot number 151005D000100), for approval of a master plan and subdivision tentative plan for a 14-lot light industrial subdivision. It will likely go to Planning Commission later this winter.

• Rezoning approved: Forest Service middle parcel owned by PX2 Development, but no specific development application has yet been submitted. The applicant received approval of a Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment (Type III/IV) to redesignate the property from Public Facilities, Urban Area Reserve, and Landscape Management to Commercial, Residential Multi-Family, Light Industrial, and Landscape Management and a zone change from Public Facilities, Urban Area Reserve, and Open Space, to Multi-Family Residential, North Sisters Business Park, Open Space, and Downtown Commercial, and text amendments to the Comprehensive Plan in support of the map amendment and zone change.

• Site Plan recently submitted by Hayden Homes for review: 65 multi-family units on tax lot 5500, map 151005CB, also being a portion of Tract I, McKenzie Meadows Village Phase I.

• Recent Final Plat approval for Hayden Homes: Phase 3 of McKenzie Meadows Subdivision.

• Final Plat Approval granted summer 2020: Clear Pine Phase 5 allowing previously approved lots to be constructed upon.


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