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Letters to the Editor - 2/10/2021

To the Editor:

Since moving into the Oval Office, Joe Biden has signed into effect 40 executive orders. In all of U.S. history, such a degree of usurping our bodies of Congress is unprecedented, and rightly arouses concern in any reasonable American.

Conduct so profoundly monarchist exhibited so soon after having assumed America’s highest office is suspect at best. Collectively, the orders which Biden has thus executed run grossly inconsistent with tradition, as if wishing to eradicate the simple, apparently now-antiquated American concepts of international sovereignty and cultural survival. Moreover, that few, if any, of these 40 short-sighted actions of Biden’s actually advance the prosperity of mainstream, heartland Americans, is beyond alarming.

There is nothing at all consensual, much less secure, for U.S. citizens about opening any of our borders; nor is there anything either secure or prosperous about shutting down the construction of the very wall designed to preserve our society from the increasingly belligerent overrun by those hostile to our laws.

Furthermore, there is nothing in the least American about terminating the construction of a project such as the Keystone Pipeline, a project already well underway.

However, there is instead a tremendous amount of damage to our collective national trust, damage fiscally and politically, locally and nationally, both short- and long-term that will linger for years.

The conflict thus created is not in the least in the national interest.

And I could have sworn he was the one preaching that unity is our national priority.

However, the unity of which Biden spoke only days ago is now clearly no priority at all. Any leader who would visit so much financial and social instability upon his own nation in his first three weeks in office merits investigation as to why. Given his long history of graft and association with foreign governments, the windfall of duplicity one would reasonably expect to uncover connected to this President would be staggering. Yet still he tears his own nation down. And at whose behest?

His actions are symptomatic of something much more far-reaching and far more insidious. Looking at the big picture, at the real authors behind those executive orders, just exactly what part of the greater Democrat agenda anymore has anything to do with keeping the United States of America American? What part of anything for which these Democrat senators or representatives presently advocate is in the least consistent with our Constitutional fundamentals? Or my freedom? Or my future? Or yours?

Presently, the Democrat Party endeavors, and without restraint, to degrade the freedoms granted to legal citizens of these United States as guaranteed by our impeccably virtuous Constitution, and they do so by imposing their interpretation of it. Although it was indeed written 230 years ago, it was also written in English, so never would there arise any need for interpretation by anyone capable of reading it. Understanding it and honoring it, however, has clearly become an entirely different story for those too many elected to uphold and defend it, the contemporary Democrat, the greatest domestic threat America has yet known.

John Baldwin

To the Editor:

An open letter to Cliff Bentz: Your vote to protect Marjorie Taylor Greene was yet another clear indication of your support for hatred, violence, and the overthrow of our democracy. You have given credence to outrageous and obviously fictional conspiracy theories. You have endorsed dangerous racist, misogynistic, and anti-Semitic lies. You have encouraged citizens to distrust a free and fair election, fracturing our precious democratic process. You have perpetuated the Big Lie and the violent, seditious attack on our Capitol.

Instead of honoring your oath to defend and protect our Constitution, you have sworn allegiance to a man who would throw out the legitimate votes of the American people and appoint himself dictator.

You are a disgrace, and you insult each and every Oregonian in your district. We will not forget, Cliff.

Janet Keen


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