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DJ creates ‘Live Jive’ in Sisters

From a fully equipped studio off Indian Ford Road and transmitted over a tower atop Grizzly Butte in Madras, Jim Goodwin delights listeners with a bucket (as he calls it) of the music you probably know and love with no commercial interruptions.

Goodwin is on the air with Live Jive on KJIV FM 96.5 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 9 a.m. and noon.

KJIV is one of nine stations under the ownership umbrella of Jive Radio that features a round-the-clock brand of music they call “Schizolectic Radio.”

The Nugget was present last week when Goodwin did his 200th show.

Jive Radio is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) based in Cedarville, California. Jeff Cotton, the visionary founder, said, “With rare exceptions, and for myriad reasons, mostly monetary, Jive Radio has never really had a regular real-time-live DJ until Jim Goodwin came along.

“We had immediate simpatico and Jim has carved out his Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings for almost two years, helping us make greater radio and bringing some good loco into local, like no other station in the area. Jim is our critical connection to the local and regional musicians and helps us expose them to the world. Well over 600 hours of his volunteer time help make your Schizolectic Radio adventures just a little more human.”

Goodwin is well-known in the Sisters music world. He is a musician and member of the seven-piece Dry Canyon Stampede, a popular Country-Western dance band. He is known nationally as the creator of Eggchair Music, a business born in Hollywood and now camped in Sisters. Eggchair serves clients who need custom musical compositions that cannot be fulfilled by a music library, or music of a higher quality than libraries offer. Goodwin’s Eggchair has produced hundreds of jingles, custom parody lyrics, scores to movies, brand mnemonics, and brand themes.

Eggchair’s notoriety is in the realm of music for film trailers with productions like “Dodge Ball,” “Final Destination,” and “Groundhog Day.” Of course, just about everybody has heard his four-note mnemonic for ABC TV. He left the LA fast-lane scene a few years back to live a less-hassled life here in Sisters, being closer to family. His father, Ted — age 98 — is a legendary state and federal judge. Jim, in “reinventing” himself, is a licensed real estate broker with Reed Bros. Coldwell Banker in addition to his varied music interests.

Sitting in on Goodwin’s 200th broadcast, The Nugget asked what is at the heart of his gig with Live Jive.

“After all those years of producing music and playing music, I never really had time to listen to music like I did when I was 17 and playing records,” he said. “Live Jive allows me to just breathe in hundreds of songs and bands.”

He adds that it is not a job as much as a joy. Listen and you will probably hear the pleasure he takes in the music he curates and plays.


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