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SFF supports artists in My Own Two Hands

Sisters Folk Festival is seeking to support the artists that support its programs through cash awards.

The My Own Two Hands “Holding Hope” art auction and fundraiser is scheduled for May 10-15. Sisters Folk Festival is seeking donations and welcomes artists to consider donating to this year’s auction, with an expanded reach in a virtual format. Final artwork submission deadline is Thursday, March 25.

This year SFF is working to support those artists who have supported the organization by offering cash awards for the 2021 award winners.

“The last 11 months have been challenging for so many, with the arts sector being one of the most hard-hit groups,” Executive Director Crista Munro stated in a press release. “Recognizing this, the MOTH awards listed below will each come with a $500 cash prize this year.”

• Theme Award: best exemplifies or interprets the yearly theme.

• Awards of Merit (three total): recognized for excellence in craft, execution and/or interpretation in their chosen medium.

• Pamela Hulse Andrews Student Achievement Award: represents excellence and achievement of their work and contribution to their school and community.

• Design Award: selected to be used in MOTH marketing materials.

• Americana Folk Award: tells a story of the rich and diverse culture of the United States of America — a culture that is rooted in a history of traditions handed down from indigenous and immigrant populations.

• The Spirit of Giving Award recipient will be awarded to an artist, organization, or person that shares generosity of spirit with and engagement in the Sisters Folk Festival community, and actively contributes in a positive, meaningful way.

• The Ben Westlund Advocate of the Arts Award will also be granted to an artist, organization, or person who consistently supports, promotes, and perpetuates cultural expression and engagement; seeks to inspire artistic endeavors in others; and advocates for building on the arts economy and thriving arts scene in the region.

Sisters Folk Festival is actively seeking community input for the Ben Westlund Advocate of the Arts Award. The nomination form can be found under the 2021 MOTH Awards section on SFF’s website at, along with more information about this year’s My Own Two Hands event.


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