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Examining COVID-19 and death rates

I don’t believe we have received complete information from our leaders.

The information we receive on COVID-19 deaths is not clear. On March 2, 2021, 512,122 deaths were claimed nationally from COVID-19. In order for fair evaluations of yearly or monthly death rates, the previous year’s death rate is needed to allow a good comparison of increases or decreases. Presently, deaths related to COVID-19 are based on confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis and/or suspected or assumed COVID-19 contact.

It becomes difficult, when multiple co-morbidities exist within a death, in claiming COVID-19 was the death’s cause. Implying it causes fear that all positive COVID-19 cases cause the death of a person who also lives with co-morbidity. It is not accurate or fair.

The CDC has shown that only six percent die from COVID-19 alone.

Herd immunity cannot come from a vaccine: mRNA gives a “spike protein” that helps us fight off COVID-19. It alters how our immune system works. Recovering from a COVID-19 infection helps greatly with immunity by antibody production.

But both immunity systems seem to lose defense within six-plus months. New infections could occur.

Our site is our source on vital statistics, and using it, we find the group (COVID-19 deaths) are not included with final deaths listed, we assume the death numbers include COVID-19 cases.

Up until last week stated that 2,206 COVID-19 deaths were listed for the state. It is fair to assume they include those tested positive and those assumed to have been contaminated. Six percent of that 2,206 gives us a COVID-19 death rate for 2020 of 132.36 people. When you look at the 53 losses in Deschutes County, the six percent becomes 3.18 people died from COVID-19. The remaining 94 percent of deaths are tied up in the dying process we all will go through as we age.

Due to the American lifestyle, chances are high that by age 80, most will have some co-morbidity factors. I am in that group.

One thing is certain: We can’t get out of this life alive. While we can’t prevent death we sure can postpone it and prolong our lives with good health practices. It should be, and I believe it is, the goal of our medical professionals. Our state and county populations followed the CDC recommended protocols closely. Our businesses have done the best they could to reduce exposure.

With the numbers presented on, I see no reason to keep any businesses or activities closed any longer. The executive power of our leaders has been used efficiently and should now be turned over to legislative control.

Those of us in my category should closely pay attention to the CDC protocols as we always have done. It goes without saying those who are comfortable with the vaccine should get it. We are lucky to have a community of caring people and we do look out for each other.

Thanks to our government agencies for providing the information needed to make our own health decisions. Freedom of choice should be our goal. This is a bad bug, but with 99.6 to 99.8 percent of those under 65 (close to 66 percent of the U.S. population) recovering from COVID-19 and 94.4 to 94.6 percent of those over 65 recovering, makes me wonder if the fear has been justified.

Understanding this, we can and should all follow CDC protocols as this disease comes under control. Let’s watch some high school sports, listen to music, examine quilts and enjoy an open My Own Two Hands auction.


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