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Finding health care options

For the past 15 years, Jonie Peck has been helping individuals and families find the right kind of health coverage at the right price. Recently relocated to Sisters from Portland, Peck’s Sapphire Moon Health Insurance is a small, boutique agency dedicated to getting to know individuals’ particular needs and finding ways to navigate the complexities of health coverage to meet them.

Peck says she offers “specialized customer service and care while choosing a health insurance plan, because health insurance can be so complicated and confusing.”

There is no cost to the customer for her service.

“A lot of people don’t use agents because they think there is a cost associated or added to their premium,” she explained. “There is no cost to use an agent. I receive a small commission from the insurance company that fits my clients’ needs. There is no ‘one size fits all’ plan. The different insurance companies and plans are very confusing and getting my clients enrolled in the right plan that is affordable is most important to me. Getting to know my clients and catching up year after year is what I love about my work.”

While she and her husband Garrett moved to Sisters recently, they have a long history in the area.

“I’ve been coming here from when I was a little girl,” Jonie said.

The couple celebrated their marriage in Camp Sherman.

Garrett has been a restauranteur in Portland and is now pursuing a restaurant opportunity in Bend. Jonie’s practice is portable, which made the shift to Sisters an easy decision.

“We needed a life change,” she said. “We love Sisters and are so happy to be here … People are so friendly and supportive… we’ve been welcomed.”

Peck works directly with all of the insurance companies of Oregon, but does not handle Medicare or Oregon Health Plan.

With the recently passed American Rescue Plan COVID-19 aid package, the healthcare exchange is open for a wider window, and Peck notes that there are increased tax credits available to reduce the cost of premiums. Contact Peck for information about programs and their deadlines.

She can help people navigate that maze, and she can work with people who have just moved or lost their insurance, young people who have aged off their parents’ insurance plans, and people who are simply uncovered.

“I’ll assist individuals and families through the life of their health insurance policy even if they are already enrolled in a plan, direct with the insurance company or through the Marketplace (,” she noted. “I annually review my clients’ needs and guide them year after year, because life changes happen and healthcare needs change.”

She helps clients seek the best value they can get, which can be challenging.

“I think health care is way too expensive,” she said.

Peck has been a yoga practitioner for years, and is bringing her knowledge of that practice to Sisters as well.

“I’m going to be teaching yoga at Sisters Athletic Club,” she said.

She and her husband are avid hikers and cyclists and enjoy all the outdoor opportunities Sisters has to offer.

For more information, contact Sapphire Moon Health Insurance at [email protected] or 503-807-2148.

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