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Letters to the Editor - 4/21/2021

Vaccine priority

To the Editor:

For the record, we have found no one in Sisters nor in our wide circles of friends in five major cities in Oregon who objects to teachers given vaccine priority over seniors!

It is sad to know a few loud voices have lumped the rest of us into a genre of crotchety old people who think only of themselves. We want kids back in school, which means teachers have no choice, so we want them and their families to be safe.

The truth is that we seniors have the option of staying safely at home with no obligation to go anywhere. We can wait a few weeks for the sake of kids and all educators, and think Governor Brown is doing the best anyone could with all the unknowns, changes and demands of this pandemic.

Mike and Wendie Vermillion

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Support Sisters School District Bond

To the Editor:

I have two boys: ages 6 and 4. My 6-year-old is in his first year of kindergarten and is having a blast. He loves his teacher and seeing his friends. I want him to continue to love school and thrive. Sisters is a growing community, and with that comes over-crowding in our schools as more and more families move here.

I believe the 2021 school district bond will positively benefit the Sisters elementary school-aged kids, families, and the community. Building a new school will provide a better learning environment by providing essential learning space and enough classrooms to welcome the fifth-grade class back into the elementary school.

In addition, I am looking forward to having the elementary, middle and high schools being near each other for when my kids are in different schools, as I am sure other families are. Drop-off and pick-up will be convenient. The bond will not increase the estimated tax rate, as it is based off the estimated 2001 school bond. A win-win for all of us!

Molly Baumann

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