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Outlaws hit diamond with talented squad

The Outlaws baseball team will boast an older lineup, with talent all around the field. The new players to the squad will contribute depth and see time on the field.

Sisters has a 15-game schedule ahead of them and expect to compete at a high level with the goal of winning league. This year, due to high numbers, the Outlaws will be able to also have a JV team.

Nine experienced, veteran players are back and include seniors Hunter Spor, Adam Harper, Connor Linn, Garrett Vohs, Dillon Tucker, Will Grace, Caesar Rodriquez, junior Noah Pittman, and sophomore Patrick Silva.

Spor and Harper will both see time at three different positions: pitcher, third base, and catcher. Hunter is a very big hitter and also has a strong arm from behind the plate. Harper is a solid hitter and can basically play any position that is asked of him.

Linn will see time at pitcher, second base, and shortstop. Linn is an excellent fielder and he will bring speed to the top of the line up. Vohs will play at shortstop and see a lot of innings on the mound. He’s a lefty hitter with power and is expected to be one of the best hitters on the team.

Tucker will pitch and play at first base. Dillon is expected to throw a lot of strikes and see quality innings on the mound. Grace plays several positions including second base, outfield, catcher, and will also get some time in as pitcher. Rodriquez will play in the outfield, and is a left-handed pitcher that will contribute on the mound.

Pittman will play in the outfield and will bring lots of range and speed to that position. Silva is a talented sophomore who will play at several positions including second base, outfield, catcher, and pitcher, and has got a lot of power at the plate for a young player.

Sophomores Easton Moore (outfield) and Brody Duey (second base, short stop, outfield), and freshman Austin Dean (infield, catcher) are all talented young players who will be vying for a starting varsity spot.

New additions include senior Austen Heuberger (outfield), juniors Kai Jackle (infield) and Jack Weston (infield), sophomores Hudson Symonds (infield), Reece Larrabee (first base, outfield), Ben Cooper (outfield), Gabriel Bailey (outfield), and freshmen Sawyer Kiefer (outfield), Brody Fischer (infield), Tristen Madron (outfield), Will Fogarty (outfield), RJ Moore (infield), Dolan Pool (outfield), and Jackson Tillery (outfield).

Sisters’ first game of the season was at home against Newport on April 15.


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