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Lady Outlaws have new lacrosse coach

Julia Boris was recently hired as the new head coach for the girls lacrosse program, and she is excited about the opportunity and the season ahead.

Boris started to play lacrosse when she was four years old and played through high school. She was a center midfielder on the varsity squad all four years. Julia graduated in 2018 from Rising Sun High School, a small town in Maryland about one hour outside of Baltimore. From there she played on a travel team for two years all over the East Coast.

Julia recently moved to Sisters to be close to family and wasn’t even aware there was an open coaching position. While having dinner with family friends, Doug and Sandy Hull, lacrosse briefly came into the conversation.

“Doug knew I’d played lacrosse, and that I’d hoped to maybe help out with the girls team,” said Boris. “I didn’t know that Doug advocated for me and worked behind the scenes. Before I knew it the coaching position was informally offered to me. I went through the process with Sisters Park & Recreation District and they offered me the position.”

Boris has coached younger players, but never at the high school level, and was very surprised she was offered the varsity coaching position.

“It was very exciting,” said Boris. “I didn’t have great high school coaches, so a huge part of my coaching will be what I missed out on, which is a community and family feel. I want to be in partnership with the girls and I want them to know we’re all in this together. I want to not only support them as athletes, but as students and young women.”

Boris told The Nugget that lacrosse is very different on the East Coast.

“Their skill-level is crazy, and has evolved so fast,” said Boris. “I’m excited to bring that to the team in Sisters. In the past I don’t think they’ve really believed in their ability as a team, and it’s very important to me to capitalize on that. I want to uplift the girls and help them believe in themselves on and off the field. I’m not much older than they are, so I get it.”

In addition to coaching lacrosse, Boris works as a senior adult caregiver. She also plans to pursue a CNA degree and get her trauma coach certification.


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