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Are you ready for a weekend read? Discover a new Spring 2021 fiction book at your local library.

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

What if one night changed your life forever? It’s August 1983 and Nina Riva’s annual end-of-summer party has arrived.

Everyone who is anyone wants to be at her party.

Except not the hostess —who was publicly dumped by her tennis-pro husband.

Nina and her famous siblings have been through a lot together.

Their dad was on the road with his legendary rock band so Nina made sacrifices to help her siblings succeed.

The result is a happy and talented family — or is it? Underneath the surface lurk secrets.

That summer night, after the alcohol flows, unexpected guests arrive, and confessions spill out, Nina’s house will be up in flames.

An amazing story about family connections, sacrifices, and forgiveness.

Dive into a Malibu experience from the 80s surrounded by surfing, romance, and surprises too! The perfect weekend read.

The Summer Job by Lizzy Dent

If you had an opportunity to be someone else just for one summer, would you? While her best friend Heather, a world class wine expert is in Italy, Birdy pretends to be the wine expert and travels to a highland Scottish hotel for a summer job.

But she knows nothing about wine! Can she turn into a sommelier overnight? With a lot of coaching and new friendships, she starts to find herself and understand the business.

Yet matching the right wines with the right meals remains an obstacle.

Plus, she’s falling for James, the first guy she’s ever really loved.

What if her boss finds out? Or her best friend Heather? Dent’s debut novel is funny and romantic.

A wonderful weekend read filled with laughter, bad decisions, and good wine.

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