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A new Independence Day in America

We’ve recently honored those who sacrificed all for the freedoms we enjoy and now have celebrated Independence Day/Fourth of July. With mask mandates disappearing and businesses opening it gives us pause to think about the lies and abuse of power we’ve been subject to over the past couple years — and how wonderful freedom feels. I can’t help wonder why so many hate America and want to replace our constitutional republic with Marxist tyranny; i.e. singular party rule by Democrats. Joe Biden seems to do everything in his power to divide and destroy, not unite as he promised.

During the testimony of General Milley before Congress last week, Milley discussed the need to bring Critical Race Theory or something similar into our military. I had to wonder after 30-plus years’ service why [he is] just now touting this need; or is it because his boss sitting next to him “WOKED” him? Either way, Milley as a military leader made a mistake in pushing this racist-driven, racist theory upon our great military men and women. During my own 30 years’ service in naval aviation, there was never one instance of the need to consider skin color for missions confronting the threats to our nation. We were professionals and brothers.

Real leadership is based on developing the content of character, not fretting over the color of one’s skin to achieve a cohesive fighting force?

General Milley also talked about how well read he was on communism and Marxism. Really? Didn’t he take an oath to protect against all enemies foreign and domestic? What does he think has been happening to America, especially since Biden started living in the White House? Most aggressive attacks on free speech in our nation’s history. (Wonder what pronoun General Milley uses for enemy combatant?)

Major cities controlled by Democrats silent while crime, looting, chaos, and anarchy rage on.

Absolute stupidity in defunding the police where the people most hurt are the minority businesses and communities.

Marxist propaganda targeting our children is being taught in schools across the nation — to hate their country and each other.

Never-ending drive to take away our right to bear arms.

Attack on our voting system as established in the Constitution.

Ignoring the sovereignty of America at our southern border and creation of more chaos.

A mainstream “free” press that is utterly corrupt, immoral, and would be unrecognizable by our founders’ design as the watchdogs over government.

Our enemies and even jealous allies must really be enjoying the self-destruction of America from within.

Two key actions must be taken by America-loving citizens to defeat this path of self-destruction and eventual socialist/communist rule:

1. Parents and teachers must stand up and say NO to the indoctrination of our children with Critical Race Theory! It’s racist to the core and the antithesis of everything the party of Lincoln, MLK, and many others fought for. To compete in our world, children need to learn reading, writing, math, and actual history. Actual history will teach them who led our country into Civil War. Actual history will teach them which political party gave birth to the KKK, segregation, lynching of blacks, Jim Crow laws, bussing, “brown” drinking fountains, signs on businesses saying “Whites Only,” and the individual who assassinated MLK.

2. America-loving citizens must take action with their power of voting on a new Independence Day, November 8, 2022, to put an end to the remaking and self-destruction of America by the Democratic Party. Time to switch from skin color as a tool of hate to “love your neighbor as yourself,” “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” “acknowledge we are all created in the image of God,” and, lastly, “as soldiers, brothers, and protectors of our nation we shed the same color of blood to sustain our freedoms under the Constitution.”


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