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Letters to the Editor - 7/28/2021

Critical Race Theory

To the Editor:

My 13-year-old son and I read your article guest column on CRT and had a discussion (“Critical Race Theory and Sisters schools, The Nugget, June 30, page 1; “Don’t be fooled by Critical Race Theory,” The Nugget, July 14, page 2).

He was quite upset after reading and could not understand why Sisters would not include this discussion in their school curriculum. Having lived in Atlanta, Georgia, India, and now Sisters (not to mention visiting 15 countries) he has seen the world as few his age has. Why are we so afraid of having a discussion?

In Atlanta we could see the effect to this day that laws and highway systems — made 100 years previously — were still having on the African-American community.

The reality is Sisters is an overwhelmingly white community which can easily ignore Critical Race Theory. I’m not saying let’s open the doors and embrace it. But, why are we so afraid to let our teachers and children have a discussion about this subject? Maybe we are too afraid of what we would uncover.

Shelby Murray

Going bananas

To the Editor:

I will apologize ahead of time as this letter has nothing to do with COVID, politics, or roundabouts, so please folks, don’t go bananas on me.

My daughter Chelsea, who now teaches second grade in Florence, attended COCC Culinary School several years so she could pay for OSU.

While in culinary school, she learned a neat trick to keep bananas from ripening too fast — well, at least slow the process down by wrapping the butt ends in aluminum foil. I thought she had “gone bananas” when she gave me this tip, but it really works. I pass this on as I recently discussed this with a neighbor who said she was tired of making banana bread with over-ripe bananas.

Bill Anttila

Seeing past dislike

To the Editor:

I was just listening to Sinatra on Alexa when it dawned on me: Here’s Sinatra, one of the greatest lyrical impressionist that has ever lived, he was indeed talented.

I have never hated Frank Sinatra nor have I hated Donald Trump; but I have disliked them both for as long as I can remember. They both come from the same mold exhibiting the same self-centered characteristic. As much as I dislike them personally I can’t ignore their otherwise greatness.

Don’t be so angered you can’t see the positive through the negative. Just vote Republican, that way you’ll never know how bad it could’ve been. Hopefully we’ll all be singing “It was a very good year” in 2022.

Terry Coultas


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