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DA will not seek reelection

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel announced to his office on Monday morning, August 23, that he will not seek re-election to a third term.

Hummel’s term runs through the end of 2022. Absent a November run-off, the election in May of 2022 will decide who takes office in January of 2023 as Deschutes County’s next district attorney.

In Hummel’s announcement to his office, he highlighted the successes they achieved over the last seven years. Some of the successes he called out were the development of innovative programs to keep the community safe by preventing crime and incarceration. Those programs include: the Emerging Adult Program that provides targeted services to people ages 18-24 in the criminal justice system; the Clean Slate program to provide people suspected of possessing drugs with primary care doctors instead of prosecution; and the Veterans’ Intervention Strategy that provides targeted services for veterans in the criminal justice system.

He also cited advocating for and achieving long prison sentences for the few people for whom prison is the only option to keep our community safe, and the legal services provided in the approximately 50,000 cases the office handled during his tenure.

“Serving as your District Attorney has been a privilege and an honor,” Hummel said in a statement to the community. “Every morning when I walk the three flights up to my office I think about the important work that my colleagues in your DA’s office and I have to do that day for the people of Deschutes County. During my final 16 months in office I’ll continue to work tirelessly to ensure that justice is done daily. Thank you for allowing me to represent you.”


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