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Sisters musician releases new single

Aidan Moye has been surrounded by music since he was young.

Born and raised in Buffalo, Wyoming, Moye recalls, “My dad was a bass player, my mom a singer, and we all sang and performed at church; music was everywhere.”

He always knew he wanted to do something with music, yet it wasn’t until his later teens when he started taking that passion seriously.

“I was mostly home-schooled and in and out of different schools, so I was always able to find a way to play music, whether that be in school band or at home,” he said.

Moye often had a guitar with him, eventually getting lessons from his older brother, John. He started pursuing guitar more seriously around age 16 and the desire to write his own songs flowed naturally.

Moye has six older sisters, all of them musically inclined in some way, but he wanted to get into writing his own music and learning guitar.

One of Moye’s sisters met and married Brandon Richardson who was the worship leader at Wellhouse Church in Sisters. Richardson asked Moye if he wanted to come intern, working for the church as a youth leader.

“I thought, I better say yes to this opportunity to come up here, and four years later, I am still here,” said Moye.

After working as an intern for a couple years with the church, at the start of this year Moye decided to commit more of his time to writing and creating his own music.

“I knew I wanted to spend more time doing that, and working for the church and ministry was a full-time job. I didn’t have time to do both,” said Moye.

Moye now works at Sisters Coffee Company in the day and spends the rest of his time writing and creating music.

“I now have the headspace to really focus on writing my music,” he said.

Moye started out his music journey by playing guitar on tracks for friends but really wanted to hone in his own sound.

“I really like that John Mayer bluesey, singer-songwriter style and I wanted to find my own sound within that,” he said.

Influenced by bands like The Paper Kites and Dayglow, with a soft spot for artist John Mayer, his musical style is a blend of indie, pop, and folk genres.

Moye got connected with local producer Zach Holmes of Little Guy Studios through Richardson and ended up recording and producing his first single with them.

Moye’s latest single, “Here on Hold,” was released on August 13, and is his first single of his own. He had the guitar part for the song for many years; he just needed the right words to go along with it.

“I had come up with the guitar part a while back and it reminded me of hold music or elevator music, and so I thought it should be a song about moments in our lives where we were left on hold for something,” said Moye.

Moye’s coworker Olivia Lowe who is well-versed in poetry assisted Moye with some of the verse writing of “Here on Hold” and is a co-writer on the track.

“I had the chorus down, I just needed the lyrics and Olivia was the perfect person because she happened to be going through what the song was about at the time, feeling left on hold for something, so she helped in writing the verses,” said Moye. “It’s one of those songs about when you put your faith in something and it lets you down, or on hold. One of those relatable-life-moment songs.”

Moye strives to make music that anyone can listen to, and create songs that make you think about how you treat not only others, but yourself.

“A lot of what I write surrounds my faith, but I want to write songs that still get that message across but that anyone can listen to, and I can share what I believe without being over-hyped,” he said.

Moye describes his music style as indie-pop with a little bit of folk in there.

“It is within that vague genre of singer-songwriter with an indie-pop background sound,” said Moye.

Moye has put down roots here in Sisters after living and working here for four years and plans to stay to continue to pursue his music career.

“Sisters feels a bit like a mini-Nashville with the music scene here,” said Moye.

Moye plans to continue writing and producing his own music in the coming months. When he isn’t playing, listening, or writing music, he can be found hanging with friends, gaming, hiking, thrifting, and collecting books and CDs.

Moye will be performing outdoors at Paulina Springs Books on Friday, October 22.

You can find Moye’s first released single, “Here on Hold” on all music streaming platforms. Find Aidan Moye on Instagram @aidanmoye.


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