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How we talk to each other

To the Editor:

Maret Pajutee’s wonderful story of Sisters’ Wild West history brought to mind how easily people can become angry and “lathered up” over issues.

Today, we do it in our letters to the editor section of this fine newspaper. Maybe we should think about toning down the more personal in-print accusations of misrepresentation, so that something stupid doesn’t end up happening to someone.

As Maret’s story illustrates, tensions usually grow; they don’t diminish. We all love this town and its people. May we each treat one another with love and respect keeping Sisters Country a warm and peaceful little part of paradise.

Jean Nave

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We the people

To the Editor:

Our country is a republic, founded on We the People, By the People, and for the People. We the People have paid for the millions of dollars of material to build the wall at our border that President Biden has stopped building.

We the People are being pursued by Attorney General Garland as domestic terrorists if we dare to protest what is taught in our schools, or that our children are raped by a so-called transgender boy.

We the People pay the salaries of the president, senators, representatives and all the government workers, yet Pelosi wants to pass a 2,500-page bill that will cost $5 trillion and doesn’t want us to know what is in it.

The mainstream media spews hate and fear and calls our nation racist trying to divide us. We are not racist when young Black and white men have worked hard to become good athletes and millions of people root for them to win. We don’t see the color of a person’s skin. We see a person made in the image of God. We used to be one nation under God with liberty and justice for all. Now the ones in control are trying to destroy us.

Pat Farr


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