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Letters to the Editor 1/11/2022

Disinformation and democracy

To the Editor:

I’d like to express a huge thank-you to Mary Chaffin for setting the record straight in last week’s guest column titled “Disinformation and democracy.”

Her focus on facts to refute the incendiary disinformation peddled by the right-wing propaganda machine is to be commended!

Thank you Ms. Chaffin!

Sheila Kelley

Praying for the country

To the Editor:

I feel Jeff Mackey’s letter in the January 5 Nugget was well expressed. We are living in one of the worst times in the U.S. since 1776.

I’ve challenged the churches, too, as a body to pray for every administration. It seems that I failed to see that happen. I now have quit trying; maybe people will heed what Jeff Mackey wrote.

A few individuals may be faithful in praying to God for salvation of our country.

Chet Davis


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