Letters to the Editor 3/08/2022


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Preserving dark skies

To the Editor:

I applaud the youth of Sisters for wanting to implement the City’s dark-sky ordinance.

I live in The Pines behind Three Wind complex where the new apartments have gone up. The lighting on the backs of those buildings is so bright it’s like daylight. Repeated calls to the City about this have gone nowhere. The seniors living along that back fence have lost the trees, dark skies, and privacy. The lights shine brightly in their bedrooms and living space all night long.

This is costing those individuals money for various barriers to shield them.

I’m hoping the City Officers who allowed this to happen listen to the youth of Sisters who in time will replace them.

Linda Warnholtz

Standard of truth

To the Editor:

In the February 23 Nugget, Diane Hodgson wrote about speaking with civility in our community in the context of the seemingly endless issues we face and the stress it creates. Given the past 1.5 years of lock downs, masks, mandates, etc.; and what is currently happening in Ukraine, it can be overwhelming to process. While a good idea, will City Council scheduling town halls between individuals with different worldviews change


Unless we can agree on what is a “standard” for truth, strong emotions will always surface and result in raised voices achieving nothing.

I would contend returning to the Bible as that “standard” — the vision of morality that established our great nation — and the Constitution, designed to protect our freedoms from corrupt government.

Are we willing to humble ourselves and learn from thousands of years [of] history and examples of human behavior that range from pure evil to the ultimate good in Christ? In it we’ll also find the wisdom of God’s word on raising children, managing money, dealing with racism, gender, your neighbor, happiness, peace, creation, death, hell, heaven, mercy, love, sin, sex, and


The Bible also reveals what lies ahead. The “futuristic” beast, known by the number 666, will require all to receive a “mark” on their right hand or forehead to buy or sell. Have we witnessed prophetic snapshots of Revelation in recent history with mandates, proof of compliance to eat out, comply or be fired, and confiscation of your bank account


Our chaotic world is crying out for the presence of God and the hope found in Jesus Christ. The world’s pandemic is our sin. The Jesus vaccine is the cure. “Behold I stand at the door and knock.”

Jeff Mackey


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