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Letters to the Editor 3/22/2022

Beware of socialism

To the Editor:

For those who claim to be “secret socialists” obviously do not understand what socialism is all about. They want to control your lives. What you think, what you buy, what you say, basically to control your whole lives.

You want the government to give you free health care, free daycare, free colleges, and pay off your college loans, while some of you have six-figure incomes. Nothing is free. Someone is paying for it. The hardworking Americans would be paying for it with the taxes we pay. The socialists said, “They didn’t have to fight us, because they will destroy us from within.” For over 50 years radicals that bombed our federal buildings in the 1970s became professors in our universities and have taught our kids to hate America. They refused to have an honest debate. If you didn’t agree with them you were not allowed to speak.

Now the so-called progressive “woke” crowd tears down our statues that showed our history, they want to change words in our English language and try to dictate evil things to be taught in our schools. They hate America because we are unique. Our founding fathers were brilliant. Most of them lost their fortunes and their lives. Our country was founded on religious freedom and life, liberty, and justice for all.

God bless America.

Pat Farr

Supporting McLeod-Skinner

To the Editor:

I encourage you to endorse Jamie McLeod-Skinner in Oregon’s 5th Congressional District. Jamie is running against Kurt Schrader in the Democratic primary election this May.

Oregon’s new 5th Congressional District crosses the Cascades, from Clackamas and Linn Counties over to Deschutes. In order to represent this diverse district, you need to wear a lot of different hats. Growing up in Eastern Oregon, there were few representatives listening to their constituents. Big money always trumped the little guy, and the little guy was never heard. Jamie grew up in a working-class background and she knows the challenges of working to make ends meet. Her experience is one of bridge-building, listening, and working to heal the urban-rural divide.

Jamie has been a tireless worker for all Oregonians, not just the more affluent city dwellers.

Year by year, her professional and civic experience has shown what she is made of and why she deserves to represent Oregon’s 5th District.

The other Democrat in the race has been in his role far too long and just doesn’t listen to the variety of folks in the district.

Kurt Schrader voted against stimulus checks, voted against raising the minimum wage, and has accepted over $600,000 from Big Pharma and voted against allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices.

Jamie doesn’t take and has never taken corporate PAC money, including Big Pharma corporate PAC money.

Jamie will represent her constituents in the 5th District, not corporate PACs.

Please endorse Jamie McLeod-Skinner this May.

Mike Davidson


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