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Supercross superstar stops in Sisters

Sisters Moto is riding into spring events in style. Last Thursday, the motorcycle sports shop in the Three Wind Shopping Center hosted an autograph signing with motocross rider Kyle Chisholm. Chisholm is from Florida and stopped in at Sisters Moto before his race in Seattle on March 26.

The race is the Monster Energy AMA Supercross at Lumen Field in Seattle and Chisholm was riding as part of the Yamaha factory team. He is also sponsored by Sisters Moto.

Chisholm runs his own program, which means he publicizes when he needs title sponsors for certain races, because he often pays out of pocket for the gear, maintenance, flights, etc.

“We are his sponsor for this race, and actually he had agreed to be sponsored by us before injuries to the Yamaha team allowed a spot for him to ride for the factory team of theirs as well, but he still was able to come up and do this event for us,” said Biz Brent, co-owner of Sisters Moto. “He is a really great rider, he’s been around for a long time,” said Biz Brent.

Sisters Moto reached out to Chisholm via social media and asked if he would be willing to come up for an event and if they could sponsor his Seattle race.

“I am glad I was able to come and check it out here. I am trying to do more events like these this year,” said Chisholm.

Austin Brent, co-owner of Sisters Moto, explained some of the differences in the type of motocross and supercross that Chisholm does.

“Kyle does both types of events at races and rides for two different divisions of racing within motocross and supercross,” he said.

Supercross is usually an indoor track — a more compact course — whereas motocross is outdoors and usually features larger hills and longer jumps.

When Chisholm rides a 450 bike, he is a privateer, meaning nobody pays for the cost of the race or expenses. But when he rides a 250, which is a smaller, less powerful bike, and more lightweight for jumping, Chisholm rides as a Yamaha factory team rider and they pay the expenses.

Sisters Moto has done a few events like this before, but the event last Thursday brought a huge turnout for photo ops and autograph signings. There were around 60 or more people through the doors of Sisters Moto, entering the raffle and meeting Chisholm. Attendees could potentially win a helmet, goggles, and other pieces of riding gear. The event started at 4:11 p.m., which is significant to Chisholm’s permanent riding number, number 11. He will always have that number because he has been in the industry for so long.

Chisholm is known for how many different races he’s participated in, including races in France and other parts of Europe. The race in Seattle is one of the bigger West Coast races, and Sisters Moto’s logo was on a prime spot on the bike.

Sisters Moto also has their very own factory team, which means that the shop sponsors riders and provides gear for racing.

“We sponsor local kids, and they are part of our factory team of riders, sponsored by us in motocross,” said Brent. “It’s really great for the youth to have an individual sport that they can get out and do, and we love to support that.”

Two of Brent’s kids ride for the Sisters Moto factory team.

The kids from the team worked the event on Thursday, handing out flyers for Chisolm to autograph, and working the line.

Chisholm gave some advice to the young riders during the Q and A section of the event: “Enjoy it, do it because it’s fun. That is the main reason to do it, is to have fun with it. You do have to put in the work, and it’s hard work, but so worth it.”

Sisters Moto hopes to do more events like this in the future, bringing professional riders in and doing workshops and Q and A discussions with younger riders.

For more information about Kyle Chisholm visit Find Sisters Moto at http://www.insta


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