Letters to the Editor 6/29/2022


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Thank you

To the Editor:

On June 23, I experienced a serious laceration to my hand at the Sisters Recycle Center. Several people stepped up to assist staunch the bleeding until the paramedics arrived; they were all selfless, compassionate, and very helpful. The paramedic team was equally helpful.

I ended up driving myself to the Redmond hospital. Eight stitches later I’m as good as new. Thank you all.

Art Samson

Stop watering lawns

To the Editor:

I currently reside in the Hayden Homes project off of [McKinney] Butte Road, across from the back field of the middle school. Myself and my family have noticed an excessive amount of watering goes on to make the neighborhood appear green and lush. When I say excessive, I mean that the lawn where the bike path is on the north side of the street is watered with sprinklers four times a day to the point of flooding the bike path.

As a Central Oregon resident I find this appalling when we all know about the water shortages and drought that we are currently in, (that) will continue to grossly affect us all. I find it interesting that in this time of drought that Hayden Homes is allowed by the City to water those lawns at all! We have farmers and livestock purveyors that struggle to water their crops and herds, yet here’s Hayden Homes watering their lawns and for the most part the bike path.

Personally, I feel the City should issue an ordinance to stop watering lawns from June through September. Central Oregon is in a severe drought yet people feel the need to water their lawn? In my opinion there’s nothing wrong with a little brown grass lawn or field in the middle of summer, and maybe it might remind people that we are in fact in a severe drought.

Patrick Tougas


To the Editor:

Women, are you sure that’s the power you want, to be able to destroy someone that is half you? Someone whose first word would probably be Mommy. If they were able they would probably reach out with their tiny hands and try helplessly to stop you but no they would only fail and do you really want to live the rest of your life with the pain and loss of that decision?

Women’s rights are one thing but being able to choose pain and death are another thing. Is it not possible there are other options available? How would you feel if you knew your mother wanted to end your life? But someone with a reason intervened and stopped her, would you carry hate in your heart for them? When it comes to this decision you are their only hope!

Please! You do have a choice.

Byron Blake


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