Letters to the Editor 7/20/2022


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To the Editor:

In response to Mitchel Luftig’s commentary “Inoculating children against conspiracy theories” (The Nugget, July 13, page 9), I ask the reader to consider how conspiracy theory is used in politics today.

Conspiracy theory, like other labeling terms (debunked, racist, domestic terrorist, anti-vaccinator) is often used by the left to control a narrative. It is one of the tools used by cancel culture to silence voices, questions, and debate. Communists use this tactic quite successfully — they control all the narrative and all the media.

If I told you that the highly jabbed (3-4 times COVID-vaccinated) experience immune imprinting and are the highest risk group for COVID infection, reinfection, and chronic infection, I could be called a conspiracist or anti-vaccinator. Even though I have the data (C.J. Reynolds et. al., Science; July 2022).

In the United Kingdom, the UK government quietly reported the vaccinated account for 94 percent of all COVID-19 deaths since April. Ninety percent of these were triple-jabbed (The Expose, July 2022). Nine billionaires were created from the sale of the leaky COVID vaccines, while the low-cost, repurposed, lifesaving drugs were canceled. If I questioned why emergency-use authorization was given to a new, poorly tested, trivalent spike protein (super dangerous immunologically for imprinting) vaccine, when there is no public emergency, what kind of label would I get?

President Trump did ask Pence to send the electoral vote count back to the contested states to make sure there was no steal. This procedural path is provided legally in the U.S. Constitution. Pence denied him the reconciliation. Does this factual account qualify me as a conspiracist or domestic terrorist?

No Capital Police were killed on January 6, 2020. This was left-wing misinformation and a lie. The only person that was killed, was Ashli Babbitt, the U.S. Air Force veteran and mother. One police officer died two days later of unrelated causes, as reported by the Justice Department.

If I said I wanted a closed border to stop fentanyl deaths, the rapes, the human trafficking, 3 million illegal aliens not paying taxes with severe and rising inflation, and I was worried for the safety of my family and Americans — would I be labeled a white supremacist or a racist?

What if I was worried that the war on energy was devastating our economy, creating fertilizer shortages, fueling famine around the globe, not to mention no power to charge those cute electric cars? I would be a climate denier! Texas is already recommending alternating days to charge vehicles to prevent blackouts.

We must have freedom of speech and debate. Children must have excellence in education, not a brainwashed one. Our young people must have open minds that can think for themselves.

Wayne B. Schmotzer DVM

Diplomate American College of Veterinary Surgeons


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