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Vaccine complications

Our VAERS adverse effects reporting system in the U.S. has failed us miserably. The CDC, by their own admission, recognizes under-reporting as a significant problem. The Rair Foundation, USA, July 28, 2022 reports the German Hospital Federation has demanded withdrawal of vaccination mandates after massive side effects were revealed: “It is not wise to continue with it.”

One in 500 injections cause “serious side effects,” yet they continue to mandate COVID vaccinations. A serious side effect is defined as hospitalization, permanent disability, or death. Someone getting four jabs has a 1:250 chance of these devastating outcomes. Adverse effects such as heart problems, seizures, and menstrual problems were not included. There were 5,862 reports of adverse reactions in children and adolescents.

There are no reports on vaccinating healthy children with experimental mRNA injections. Children under the age of 20 have a statistically 99.9987 chance of surviving a COVID infection.

“Coronavirus Spike Protein Activated Natural Immune Response (The American Heart Association Basic Cardiovascular Sciences meeting presentation p3119, July 25, 2022).” This landmark study identified for the first time that it is the CoV2 spike protein that is responsible for heart damage.

“Besides directly damaging the heart muscle cells, the spike protein itself is very inflammatory and may cause systemic inflammation that indirectly causes heart problems.”

The changes were cellular enlargement (hypertrophy) and remodeling (changing shape and structure). But of course, no discussion was offered regarding the identical CoV2 spike protein in vaccines (for now, this is reserved for backroom conspiracy talks only). How many subclinical cardiac changes are happening without our knowledge? The heart heals with scar tissue. It’s never the same again.

Two other studies shared concern that we may see an increase in cardiovascular diseases, especially acute coronary syndromes, caused by the spike proteins in genetic vaccines down the road. (Gundry SR in Circulation 2021;144[suppl_1]:A10712-A10712; and Lai, FTT, et. al. in Ann Intern Med 2022;175:362-370.)

For children, ages 13-18, a Thai study of 301 kids found 29.24 percent had cardiovascular effects when examined on day three and seven post second injection of the Pfizer vaccine. The cardiovascular effects are tachycardia, palpitation, shortness of breath, hypertension, and chest pain. Maybe we should be checking everyone?

My takeaway for parents is this: Fight the fear porn. The Omicron variant poses almost no threat to children. We know spike proteins adversely affect the immune response. We know there can be cardiac consequences including myocarditis and maybe more unknown consequences. We know there absolutely are no long-term studies on vaccinating healthy kids with mRNA spike protein vaccines.

Conclusion: never ever vaccinate your child with an experimental vaccine for a disease that causes the sniffles or nothing at all. Natural immunity is a safe and a normal part of immune system development. It’s time to have a frank discussion with your pediatrician. Be aware that the “new” Covid vaccine has two spike proteins, not just one. Clinical studies have only been performed in mice. Again, no long-term studies have been performed.

I am hopeful that the medical community continues its awakening, and turns away from censorship to support independent physicians and their sacred doctor-patient relationship. I predict the latest narrative that COVID mRNA vaccines “prevent hospitalization and death” is going to change as the COVID-related deaths shift to the COVID-vaccinated. Just like the herd immunity story changed for the mRNA vaccines.

The CDC is backing off from the horrible mandates as I write, quietly recognizing natural immunity in our population. Everyone hopes government policies are developed in our best interests. But governments are composed of people, and people fall victim to money, influence and power. Critics of the cozy financial relationship of Big Pharma, Big Tech, and public health policy are, in my view, correct. The same influence, works tirelessly within the mainstream corporate media. It is our responsibility as citizens to question, challenge, and help government make course corrections when it strays from the common good. That is the way a democratic republic is supposed to work.


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