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A vibrant, inclusive society

To the Editor:

Hey Sisters! My daughter is gay and nonbinary! (She/her pronouns, and prefers the term “daughter.”) She is a product of Sisters High School, Middlebury College, and OHSU Medical School. She is currently working on the front lines saving lives in New Mexico.

Her parents could not be more proud of their perfect child. It may come as a surprise to some that none of her patients have turned to stone despite their “intimate” interactions with a queer physician. Equally surprising, one does not need to become a doctor to demonstrate one’s value to society, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

My daughter served in many leadership positions while enrolled in Sisters schools — at all levels. Had she been ostracized for her identity or orientation, as some parochial people are shamefully doing now to student counselors, this father would have gone ballistic!

I want the parents of all LGBTQ+ children to know that they and their children have enormous community support. We will not tolerate uninformed, harmful, judgmental rhetoric or actions. Your children, like mine, are beautiful and perfect, and our love and support will help them, and you, flourish in life. We have your back — full stop. You must listen to https://storycorps.org/stories/patrick-haggerty/.

So I read with great dismay that some folks want certain educational programs to be more transparent, less “deceitful” about the gender identity or sexual orientation of those in leadership roles — perhaps so that they can better protect their children against “Satan’s subtle power,” or euphemistically “what they are going to be exposed to.” Not only is this immoral and illegal, it is also self-defeating, as some day their life may depend on those they choose to shun.

As a fabulously successful parent (with a wee bit of the wife’s help) and immune from hyperbole, let me offer some sage advice: Parents are not doing their children any favors shielding them from “uncomfortable” situations. Children are more resilient and intelligent than we give them credit for. Read Oprah’s book “What Happened To You?” The reality is, isolation from diversity makes them and us weak and narrow-minded citizens — hardly a good thing for the vibrant, thoughtful, educated, and inclusive society we supposedly aspire to be.

Kris Calvin

Get well card

To the Editor:

Editor’s note: This letter came in the form of a “get well” card addressed to the community of Sisters.

Dear Sisters:

Sorry to see you suffering “Benditis.” This is usually fatal to your town’s lovely character and standard of living. Too much traffic, loss of green spaces, and too many lines to wait in.

Bend used to be nice, but that was 60,000 residents ago — now we avoid the place.

I’m glad to see letters to the editor about the dwindling water resources.

Take a drive to the Head of the Metolius, and see if you can find any water there.

Moina McMath Walton


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