Letters to the Editor 11/30/2022


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Cruel poacher

To the Editor:

To the person shooting deer out of season and in the protected Winter Deer Range in the Plainview area: You shot at a young buck a day or two before Thanksgiving. I guess he ran after you shot at him and you probably thought that you missed him. But you didn’t miss him. You shot him in the face. He showed up here the day before Thanksgiving, and I saw him trying to drink water from our birdbath. He was pawing at the ice he thought was keeping him from drinking the water, but there was no ice. He couldn’t drink because he had no mouth to drink with, and he couldn’t eat because his lower jaw was gone.

It was the saddest sight I’ve seen since I got home from Vietnam.

As for you and your rifle, I sure hope Karma is real.

Bill Rubertus

A Thanksgiving thank-you

To the Editor:

Another year is nearly passed, and with it another Community Thanksgiving Dinner in the record books.

Each year this event gets bigger than the last, and still feels cozy. Seeing family, friends, and neighbors come in with smiles and hugs makes the Sisters community so very special. Sisters, despite it’s growth and fluctuation, is still a small town. Everyone knows everyone. Everyone jumps in to help when one person is in need. Thanksgiving celebrates that, and Sisters celebrates it best.

This year without a doubt was the largest gathering, with the most meals served. We even made the local news! After all was said and done, there were approximately 550 hot meals served in person, picked up and delivered around the community. Deri Frazee and myself, along with Michele Hammer and Josh Reed, coordinated over 50 volunteers to pull it all off. We can’t forget Kimber Finney, who was unable to attend this year but is still part of the “turkey crew.”

We have to absolutely thank our community partners: The Nugget Newspaper, Ray’s Food Place, Sno Cap Drive In, Big Ed’s Artisan Bread, and Sisters Bakery. We also can’t leave out Dave and Sandy for their financial contribution as well. Overall, donations this year exceeded $1,500 toward next year’s gathering. We are already excited to see the 10th Anniversary edition of the Sisters Community Thanksgiving Dinner come to life. Until then, we will enjoy the season of giving and the New Year to come. We love and appreciate every single person that attends this event, because without you it wouldn’t happen.

With love and thankfulness,

Jennifer Knowles-Seher

Who’s to blame

To the Editor:

I was disappointed, but not surprised, to read in last week’s Nugget that Democratic leaders from our congressional district blamed everybody but themselves for Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s loss to Lori Chavez-DeRemer in the race for Congress.

Democratic party leaders took a huge risk when they decided that Rep. Kurt Schrader did not live up to their standards, despite having a 100 percent rating with Planned Parenthood, so decided to challenge him in the primary. Taking out an incumbent of your own party is always risky. In this case their strategy failed.

Schrader might have lost to DeRemer. We’ll never know. Right now local Democrats need to put on their “big boy pants” by admitting their strategy failed and start developing a better one to assure that our new, strongly antiabortion Congresswoman-elect is a one-termer.

Jeff Tryens


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