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Grateful for those who have gone before

To the Editor:

Jim Cornelius’ editorial about Dave Moyer (The Nugget, July 19, page 2) hit a nerve and made me want to speak up. Not just about Dave and my time spent serving on the Sisters School District Facilities Committee with him, but about many of the recent obituaries that I felt a connection to.

John Leavitt, Carla Merrell, Chuck Harper, Steve Little, Gene Carlson, Janie Buell. Amazing members of the Sisters community who I feel like I knew personally even if we’d barely met.

My father-in-law shared an office for a time with John’s wife, and his nephew maybe gave my husband and I a warning vs. a ticket after pulling us over for speeding in Nevada last year, noticing our Sisters address, and asked if we knew John.

Carla went to military parents’ meetings with my in-laws, and built a house in my neighborhood.

How can you follow any real estate and not be familiar with Chuck? Steve’s wife, Gail, made so many bank transactions at Bank of the Cascades, now First Interstate, easy and friendly.

Gene gave my kids unwavering smiles and consistent high fives at church events for years. And as a member of the Sisters Bell Choir, I performed with Janie and Dave’s wife Donna, at yearly holiday concerts.

I just feel the need to share with the families and loved ones that all of these people have played a role in Sisters, be it big or small. They’ve helped define the town and lifestyle of my family, and haven’t gone without notice. I’m so sorry for your loss and grateful for their presence in my life.

Regan Roberts

Bad language

To the Editor:

In 1978 the Supreme Court said profanity was allowed as free speech under the First Amendment. I said it then and I say it again, anyone using profanity does not have a very large vocabulary.

The Bible says, in the book of Colossians, Chapter 3, verse 8: “But now you yourselves are to put off all these: anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy language out of your mouth.” Wise words.

Pat Farr


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