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During our four decades of marriage, my husband and I have loved and entertained nine Scotties and other pets. I look forward to seeing all of the Scotties and the many other horses and pets I have loved and enjoyed throughout my entire life. I am confident that we will meet again.

Why do I have such confidence? There are a number of reasons, but I’ll only explore two of them in this column. The first reason is a huge one. Do you remember your eighth-grade general science class? If you do, you may remember being taught a fundamental science principle: Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, it only changes form. For example, a tree’s wood is stored energy. Coal is stored energy. Petroleum is stored energy. These are just the most obvious, but there are many other ways that nature stores or handles energy.

Now ask yourself this: what is spirit? The fundamental answer to that question is that spirit is energy, Divine energy. It is intelligent, good, loving energy, but it is energy. Spirit is the amazing energy that ignites an electron to spin around the core of an atom.

It is Spirit, Divine Thought, or God that is the basic force of Creation. Totally good, loving, positive energy is the God-force we turn to in prayer. When we make the connection that energy and God are one and the same thing, we immediately understand why God is eternal. Our science knowledge already accepts the fundamental principle that energy is eternal, and God is the top energy force in the universe.

The second reason for this confidence I have about seeing my pets again is found in a quote I read many years ago: “God creates, and man makes.” The difference between us and God is that whatever God creates, all energy-infused matter, light, spirit, or other forms we don’t even know about, is eternal.

But all the things that people make are temporary things. Yes, we may use the elements which are created by God, such as stone, trees, and such. But the things that we make out of God’s creations all fall apart and decay over time. Roman bridges may still be standing 2,000 years later, but that’s a far cry from being eternal.

These are two of the most fundamental concepts behind my faith in seeing my pets again. The spark of life that created our pets is God’s energy. Each little living thing has God’s spark of life in it. That spark is spirit energy. Therefore it is eternal. It may change form, as all energy can, but the spirit of my many past Scotties, and your pets, is unique and it is eternal. Since you are eternal too, there is an excellent chance that we will all meet again. There is also a chance that those wonderful spirits are with us today if we raise our spiritual awareness high enough to touch them.

If we take a look at the opening creation allegorical story of the Bible, we see that God “spoke” and the earth was created. Many highly spiritual people believe that the word “spoke” really means “thought.” You probably know that any prayer can be thought about, not necessarily spoken, and still sent to God. You don’t have to speak to transmit your thoughts to the Divine Mind. Certainly God did not have to speak to use mind energy to create the earth and all things in the universe. Who was there to “hear” him anyway?

The deeper you get into the teachings of Jesus, the more clearly you can see that his entire ministry focused on helping all of us “clean up” our thinking, bringing love and positive thoughts to the center of our feelings. We then see that spoken words or quiet thought can raise our spirituality, making us closer to God. When we banish all negative thoughts, we rise so high in our spiritual life that we become one with God, as Jesus did. That’s when we will be with all the wonderful spirits in the universe and that’s when we will see our past loved ones, which I am sure will include our pets.

My precious Scottie, Bernie, passed on to Scottie heaven a few months ago. Sweet Piper misses him almost as much as we do. He had been my service dog for five years after my first cancer diagnosis. The closeness we developed during those trying times surpassed any relationship I’d ever built with a dog. Our spirits merged as we worked together. That powerful spiritual bond has to go beyond this dimension in time.

Our working relationship helps me understand how our service people feel about their working dogs. I have said for years that dogs are God’s gift to show us the meaning of unconditional love. Bernie was a perfect example.

God’s world is really one amazing energy force. We are all one. All living things are part of God’s spirit. This is why Native Americans always thank and bless any animal they kill in a hunt. We are one with all living things in the universe, and we are all eternal.

“Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

— Albert Einstein


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