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The Sisters author works in the science fiction and romantic comedy genres.

Julia Huni, also known to readers as Lia Huni, came to Sisters in 2008 with her husband, following retirement from the military. They drove 8,000 miles in their RV, exploring where they might put down roots - and then settled on Sisters.

It was 10 years later that Huni published her first book following a lifelong love of reading and a lot of prodding from her sister. The Nugget met Huni at her home where she works. Her schedule, which she mostly keeps, has her writing weekdays from 9 a.m. to noon, about 2,500 words a day.

It takes her about two months to complete a manuscript, and then another month to have it edited, a cover designed, and printed. While most of her sales are through Amazon, a number of her titles can be found at Paulina Springs Books.

Twenty-two of her books are in the sci-fi genre and four in the romantic comedy category.

Huni says she writes hopeful science fiction, full of heart and humor. She studied computer science and national security, both of which she ignores completely when making up stories involving computers and politics. While serving in the U.S. Air Force, she worked on a NASA program, and thus considers herself a rocket scientist.

Julia's published sci-fi books include the Colonial Explorer Corps series, "Recycled World," the Space Janitor books (beginning with "The Vacuum of Space") and the Krimson Empire series.

"I've been an IT guy, a choir director, an executive assistant, a stay-at-home mom, a college instructor, and that lady at the information booth in a tourist town. But 'writer' is the best job ever because I get to make stuff up. Stuff I wish were true, stuff I'm glad isn't true," she says.

Sisters - The Old West, All Grown Up

Her sci-fi works are under her name, Julia Huni, but she uses Lia Huni for her Stolen books - "romantic comedy that won't steam your glasses." The books - four so far - all begin with "Stolen" ("Stolen Hearts," "Stolen Kisses," "Stolen Heart Strings" and "Stolen Hearts of Rotheberg."

They are set in a fictional town in Oregon.

"Imagine a valley, somewhere between Sisters and Bend," she mused. "If you're from Sisters, you will get the veiled references to our town."

If you search Julia Huni at you will be treated to her entire catalog, available in print and Kindle editions. You are likely to be struck with the cover art, which is on a level with the bestselling authors in the genre.

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The titles are at once intriguing and inviting – Space Janitor (a series), "The Darenti Paradox," "Glitter in the Stars," "Dark Quasar Rising." And more.

Her books often get as many as 400 reviews per title and most by far are quite favorable.

"A fast-moving intricately woven plot. Lots of plot twists and great characters that keep you guessing what's next. Siti is a great protagonist and the interaction with her father and his team is so lifelike," reviewer Doug McGonegal wrote.

Kimberly Johnson, giving her a five-star review, said: "Wow. This was a super cool concept and I can't wait to see where it's heading. I'm in a sci-fi kick so I'm reading all cool new stuff. Excellent read."

Huni is very approachable and doesn't take herself or success too seriously. She's quite witty as evidenced in her writing.

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She credits her siblings and parents for her devotion to writing.

"My brother told me about an author event he'd attended. This was a big-name fantasy writer, but I can never remember if it was Robert Jordan or Terry Goodkind. I should probably ask him someday - my brother, that is - I've never met Mr. Goodkind, and I'm pretty sure Mr. Jordan is no longer available for casual conversation.

"Anyway, the author talked about how he began writing. One morning while having coffee with his wife, he said something along the lines of, 'You know that story that's always running in the back of your mind?' And his wife said, 'Normal people don't have that story running through their minds. Maybe you should write it down.'

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"I stopped in my tracks. Normal people don't have that story? Maybe I should write mine! It took me 10 years after that conversation before I started writing it down."


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